20 Smart Gadgets for Your New Home

These gadgets will give you a taste of the control you will have over your home in the future. No more worrying about the burglars or the package delivery. Stop wasting energy or use it to grow plants like a pro.  Nest Cam Security Camera This is one of the smartest cameras out there – it detects...

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Smart technologies are coming

Digital home with KIUTO smart technology The architects are said to be witnessing rapidly changing client requirements in the integration of smart technologies into homes, reports RIBA. 64% of the respondents anticipate increased demand for integrated broadband/ wireless communications systems, 44%...

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Free London Property Apps For iPad

Are you planning to buy or rent property in London but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you just want to browse, dream or motivate yourself with those £10m+ houses? We have just downloaded a bunch of free property apps for iPad and are testing them to see which ones are worth keeping. PROPERTY...

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