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Estate Agent asks: Can I add other companies to the building team?

Add team members on the new development or building profile

“I’ve signed up for the Starter Account on Buildington. Can I add the developer and architect to the building team?”

Yes, you can and you should! Showcasing the team behind the development will give it more credibility and helps the customer understand what they can expect from the completed project.

Each company on the team is linked to their profile. Every update on the development will reflect on the track record of the companies involved. So not only are you selling the property, but you are also promoting the services of the whole team.

You can add other companies to the building team provided they are already listed on Buildington. Any company with a paid plan can add other members to the building team. An Estate Agent can add the Architect and vice versa. Anyone who has been involved with new development or building can add others to the team.

All you have to do is to connect to the building and find “+ Add a company” on the Team section of the building profile.

If the company you wish to add is not on Buildington you will have to ask them to sign up here.

Team listing is available to Starter, Pro and Premium plan subscribers.


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