Micro Listings on Buildington

We will soon be launching Micro Listings on Buildington to help buyers and renters see available property within the new developments and existing buildings.

What is a Micro Listing?

A Micro Listing is a lightweight property listing that requires little initial information from the agent.

Each Micro Listing is a block that contains basic information, such as the type of the unit and price. Upon interaction, the agent logo, name and contact details are displayed.

Why will buyers love Micro Listings?

Conversation starters. The first step for the buyer should be to consult a local agent and what better reason to pick up a phone than seeing an agent advertising in the desired building or neighbourhood.

Focus. Browsing through hundreds of listings every day is exhausting. To start with, often all that matters is how many bedrooms there are and what the price is.

Big picture. Seeing homes or offices listed as they would be situated within a building helps us better understand what we are buying into.

Why will agents want to use Micro Listings?

Instant listing in seconds. The information about the development/building is often already there. 50-storey building needs a price list? No problem, create it in minutes!

Build a vast potential client list. Even if that particular 2-bed is not for them, perhaps you have something else in the books?

No rip off listing fees. List all the units within one building with a STARTER Plan £29, in ten buildings with a PRO Plan for £49.

NB! Micro Listings are only available to agents with a local office address and not to individual sellers. 


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