Whatever the result on Sunday in Wembley, football has already come home

  • Friday July 9, 2021

It seems you can take Raheem Sterling out of Wembley, but you can’t take Wembley out of Raheem Sterling!

The Brent raised football star has always remembered his local community, and given back generously, and thoughtfully. From the inspiring 550 Wembley tickets he bought for pupils in his former school, ARK Elvin Academy (formerly Copland Community School) when he reached the 2019 FA Cup Semifinal with Manchester City, to the generous donations. From setting up his own charity to help deprived young people in 2020 to the substantial donation to those affected by the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in West London, Sterling’s successful football career has not blinded him to the social issues at hand in his home borough and community.

To celebrate his incredible sporting achievements so far, and recognise his generous donations to social causes, both local and further afield, we have published a picture gallery of his former schools, and the St. Raphael Estate where he grew up, now under regeneration plans from Brent Council.

St Raphael’s Estate

The housing estate in Neasden, where Raheem once lived, is set to be redeveloped shortly. Find out more…

Welcome to St Raphael’s Estate
Base of flagpole from the Twin Towers of Wembley Stadium on the estate since 2003.

Oakington Manor Primary School

Half way from St Raphael’s Estate to Wembley Stadium – Oakington Manor Primary School

ARK Elvin Academy & Copland Community School site

The new ARK Elvin Academy replaced the old Copland Community School. Most of the site is yet to be redeveloped. See more here…

Wembley Stadium

Growing up near Wembley Stadium. See the building profile…

Artist Nick Botting in Wembley Park on Friday 9 July 2021.

Raheem Sterling knows a thing or two about coming home, and about being humble and giving back. So whatever the result on Sunday, Raheem Sterling has already made football come home.


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