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Serpentine Road, London W2 2UH


The Serpentine Sackler Gallery is a development that includes the restoration of The Magazine building and a 900m2 extension in Kensington Gardens, London W2.

The gallery is named after Dr Mortimer and Theresa Sackler, whose Foundation made the project possible.

The restoration and extension offers nearly 900 square meters of galleries and social space. The adjoining extension will be used as a café/restaurant, creating a permanent architectural landmark in the heart of London.

Responding to the Grade II listed building and the Grade I listed landscape, Zaha Hadid has designed a light and transparent extension for the Serpentine Sackler Gallery to be used as a café/restaurant and social space. This will complement the historic structure, which will be refurbished and completed with a new north wing that emphasises the oldest part of the building --- the former powder store --- as a central citadel. The modern extension will be added to the west, a contemporary lightweight partner to the original building's classical weight.

Covered by a lightweight tensile membrane, the extension compliments rather than competes with the main building. The structure is defined by a single roof surface that playfully undulates, at times dipping down to touch the ground before rising up again. Roof lights punctuate the peaks of the surface, bringing natural light into the interior. The surrounding grounds, created by the landscape designers Gross Max, also take on an undulating form. Protected trees and hedges, as well as the historic ha-ha, will be retained.

The Serpentine Sackler Gallery will present the best in emerging international talent across all art forms, complementing the existing programme at the Serpentine Gallery. Commissioning new works, public engagement and cultural learning will be at the heart of its programmes. Like the Serpentine Gallery, it will be free of charge and accessible to all.

Source: Serpentine Gallery

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Lancaster Gate Underground StationCentral
Prince Of Wales Gate23, 452, 52, 9, N9




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