Maersk House in March 2013

Maersk House in March 2013

Maersk House building in Aldgate.

Maersk House building in Aldgate.

10. November 2013
Maersk House ground floor level.

Maersk House ground floor level.

10. November 2013
View to Maersk House from Leman Street.

View to Maersk House from Leman Street.

10. November 2013
Maersk House on Braham Street in Aldgate, London E1.

Maersk House on Braham Street in Aldgate, London E1.

10. November 2013

Maersk House

1 Braham Street, London E1 8EP

Description of Maersk House

Maersk House was an office building in Aldgate, City of London E1. It was demolished to make way for One Braham office building.

See also: One Braham

The former Beagle House was renamed after Danish business conglomerate Maersk, whose head office is in this building.

Built in 1973.

Maersk House is just a few hundred metres from Aldgate East underground station.


2015 May - planning application submitted for:
Demolition of all existing structures and erection of a mixed use development comprising flexible retail floorspace (2,010sq.m) at ground level (Use Classes A1-A3), with office (Use class B1) floorspace above (33,459 sq.m (GIA)) contained within a single building of ground floor plus 17 storeys (and an additional two storeys of enclosed plant at roof level and two basement levels) allowing for a maximum height of 88.15m AOD to parapet, and associated public realm landscaping.
Ref no PA/15/01209

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The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Aldgate East Underground Station
District, Hammersmith-city
Aldgate East Station
115, 135, 15, N15, N550, 205, 25, 254, N205, N25, N253, 242

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Its so very sad. This is an iconic building and always seemed in sync with maersk - the jagged angles seem straight from the maersk logo. In my world, this should be protected and saved from demolition

03/07/2016 22:13 by

The new development is called One Braham. Find it in the New Developments database.

14/01/2016 16:13 by Buildington

To AldgateBoy - the site has permission for demolition and a new mixed-use development.

On the 22nd of January 2014 Tower Hamlets has granted permission for:

Demolition of existing building (Beagle House) and construction of a 23 storey mixed-use development comprising 1,940sqm of retail /commercial space (Class A1 - A5 use) at ground floor and 1st floor level with residential accommodation to provide 291 flats.

Ref. no. PA/13/00305

There is some info on the architect's website as well

03/03/2014 18:24 by Buildington

I've heard that this building is planned to be demolished, anyone got any confirmation?

What I do know is that employee's of Maersk are going to move the new "Aldgate house" office building that's being constructed.

14/02/2014 19:31 by

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