Tower 42, 22 Bishopsgate and The Leadenhall Building.

Tower 42, 22 Bishopsgate and The Leadenhall Building.

22 Bishopsgate site plan. Illustrative location of the development and the neighbouring buildings.

22 Bishopsgate site plan. Illustrative location of the development and the neighbouring buildings.

View to 22 Bishopsgate and 40 Leadenhall Street from 20 Fenchurch Street's SkyGarden (floor 35).

View to 22 Bishopsgate and 40 Leadenhall Street from 20 Fenchurch Street's SkyGarden (floor 35).

View to 22 Bishopsgate and other skyscrapers next to it - from the left - 125 Old Broadgate, Tower 42, New Court, 100 Bishopsgate, 22 Bishopsgate, The Leadenhall Building and 52 Lime Street.

View to 22 Bishopsgate and other skyscrapers next to it - from the left - 125 Old Broadgate, Tower 42, New Court, 100 Bishopsgate, 22 Bishopsgate, The Leadenhall Building and 52 Lime Street.

November 2019
TwentyTwo and The Leadenhall Building

TwentyTwo and The Leadenhall Building

June 2019


June 2019
TwentyTwo under construction in Summer 2019.

TwentyTwo under construction in Summer 2019.

June 2019
Screen capture of TwentyTwo CGI at

Screen capture of TwentyTwo CGI at

View to The Pinnacle development from Bishopsgate.

View to The Pinnacle development from Bishopsgate.

25. September 2013
Poster with the CGI of The Pinnacle building.

Poster with the CGI of The Pinnacle building.

25. September 2013
The Pinnacle in September 2013.

The Pinnacle in September 2013.

25. September 2013
The Pinnacle in September 2013.

The Pinnacle in September 2013.

25. September 2013
The Pinnacle development site in the City of London.

The Pinnacle development site in the City of London.

25. September 2013
The Pinnacle development in September 2013.

The Pinnacle development in September 2013.

25. September 2013
The Pinnacle development in June 2011.

The Pinnacle development in June 2011.

2 June 2011
The Pinnacle construction site in June 2011.

The Pinnacle construction site in June 2011.

2 June 2011
The Pinnacle construction site in June 2011.

The Pinnacle construction site in June 2011.

2 June 2011
22 Bishopsgate (The Pinnacle) site in 2011

22 Bishopsgate (The Pinnacle) site in 2011

2. June 2011

22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4BQ
Lime Street
Local Authority:
City of London
December 2020
1,275,000 sq ft

Description of 22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate is an office building in the City of London EC2.

AXA IM - Real Assets developed the 62-storey 278-metre skyscraper on behalf of an international consortium of investors, with Lipton Rogers Developments retained as a developer. Practical completion was reached in December 2020.

The new 278m 62-storey office building offers 1.275 million sq ft of high specification office space, arranged across four office zones.

The retail units are located on the eastern side of the building fronting onto Crosby
Square/Great St Helen’s.

The building houses a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, curated ‘art walk’, business club, cycle hub, destination restaurant, and London’s highest free public viewing gallery. It will be the first UK tower to contain in excess of 100,000 sq ft of integrated amenity and social spaces.

22 Bishopsgate’s occupiers benefit from a broad range of amenities and common facilities across over 150,000 sqft of the building. These include a first of its kind, 20,000 sqft food hub called ‘The Market’ across the second-floor run in partnership with leading hospitality group, rhubarb. It will also feature an innovation hub – The Exchange, a gym with London’s first ‘sky-wall’ climbing window at 125 metres above ground on the 25th floor, a wellbeing space on the 41st floor – The Retreat, auditoria and business events space, services and club – Convene. In addition, it will also comprise an active commuter park with storage for ca 1,700 bikes and repair facilities, electric charging points and changing facilities, as well as the capital’s highest free public viewing gallery, and restaurant and bar with art interventions throughout.

The Building
No. of storeys: 62 above ground
Building height: 278m

The building's main superstructure comprises a steel-framed tower with a central supporting concrete core. The floor slabs are composite with cellular steel beams, providing a diaphragm-action restraint to the perimeter columns. There are three column positions on either side of the core to act as outrigger lateral stability structures. These outriggers, contained within two plant room floors, are connected to the core through storey-deep trusses. The lightweight concrete mixes have been poured higher than ever before in London, supplying 54 floors so far and therefore exceeding the previous record in London of 50 floors at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.

The basement is three levels deep with a network of supporting columns and transfer structures taking loads down to piled foundations. The façade is a closed-cavity glazed curtain wall system that circulates air within the cavity and allows the building to have very clear glazing whilst delivering a strong environmental performance.

22 Bishopsgate uses a range of new technologies and innovations including 52 double-decker lifts (of 60 in total) which can travel at 30 km per hour and will be the fastest in London. The operational team is using an app-based entry and security system which allows residents one-click registration and touchless access to the building using NFC or QR technology or (opt-in) facial recognition system. The app allows workers in the building to control smart blinds, which are built into the triple glazed windows to control sunlight as well as pre-order food and drink items from The Market to have ready for collection on entrance or booking app for a number of on-site services in the building, including meeting rooms and spa slots.

In partnership with Microsoft and Iconics, fault detection and diagnosis system have been implemented. All the technology and systems of the building operate over a converged network and are connected to this self-learning fault detection and diagnosis system. 22 Bishopsgate will collect over 1 million data points per day, on temperature, air, light, water and the flow of people, which will feedback into the system so it can self-learn and make continuous improvements. This will allow faults to be identified in real-time, increasing the number of repairs able to be made without having to call an engineer.

These innovations are fundamental to the operational team in delivering the commitments that have been set up to ensure that 22 Bishopsgate remains at the forefront of successful productive spaces. These commitments cover health, learning, inclusion and sustainability and are already being delivered: for instance, the energy for the building has been procured from 100% renewable sources, and all staff employed by the operational team at the building (already around 150) will wear sustainably sourced uniforms.

22 Bishopsgate was also the first building in the UK to apply for the WELL Building Standard and has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent sustainability rating.

22 Bishopsgate has been built to the highest sustainability standards both in environmental terms and in relation to the health and wellbeing of the occupiers over the long term.
Noise reduction: Triple glazed wall and windows, as well as being sustainable and giving better daylight, also reduces acoustics.
Air conditioning: The fresh air supply and central water supply have extra filtration in order to meet the WELL building standards.
Credentials: 22B is the first UK building to apply for the WELL building standard.
Floor height: floor-to-ceiling height space on each floor in 20% taller than you would get in a market-standard building. This gives a sense of volume, which impacts how the building's occupants feel.
Windows: Triple glazed windows boost the level of natural daylight by 60%, reducing need for internal lighting. Sensors will detect if parts of the building are being overheated by the sun and blinds will drop automatically to the specific part of the buildings being impact. Stopping the space overheating saves energy in cooling down.

There are 5 main entrances on the ground level leading to reception areas - 3 at the Bishopsgate footway on the western side and 2 from Crosby Square on the eastern side.

The entrance for the viewing gallery and the restaurant has a separate entrance on the southern side of the building.

Cyclists parking in the basement can be accessed via a dedicated stairway on Undershaft.

4 dedicated disabled car parking spaces on basement level 2 are accessed from Undershaft.

Upon practical completion in December 2020, the building was 60% pre-let to 14 firms.

- Hiscox - 22 Bishopsgate will become Hiscox’s principal office in London, taking 75,000 sq ft (c. 6,960 sqm) on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors.
- Convene
- Canopius
- Cooley
- Hiscox
- Nasdaq
- Statkraft
- THB Group
- US data analytics and risk assessment firm
- A fortune 100 technology company
- AXA Investment Managers


2020 December - Practical completion reached. 60% of the space has been pre-let to 14 occupiers.
2020 April - The Washington-based law firm Covington & Burling signs a pre-let of 86,000 sq ft across four floors (51-54) at 22 Bishopsgate. Simmons & Simmons advised Covington & Burling.
2019 November - The 19th floor is taken on a 10-year lease by Starcraft.

2019 October - AXA IM- Real Assets agrees to a 10-year lease to Nasdaq, a leading global provider of trading, clearing, exchange technology, listing, information and public company services. This brings the building to 45% occupancy, with 580,000 sq ft of the 1.275 million sq ft 22 Bishopsgate now pre-let. Nasdaq will occupy the entire 25,000 sq ft 18th floor of the PLP designed building.

2019 - The building is branded as 22 Bishopsgate.
2019 May - The building tops out.
2017 - The development is named Twentytwo.
2016 - Construction started in early 2016. The main contractor is Multiplex, the construction value is £591 million.

2016 June - Plans approved for the construction of a building arranged on three basement floors, ground and 61 upper floors plus mezzanines and plant comprising floorspace for use within Classes A and B1 of the Use Classes Order and a publicly accessible viewing gallery and facilities (Sui Generis); hard and soft landscaping works; the provision of ancillary servicing and other works incidental to the development. (200,714sq.m GEA). City of London ref. no. 15/00764/FULEIA.

AXA IM - Real Assets acquired The Pinnacle in 2015 on behalf of an international consortium of investors with Lipton Rogers Developments as development partners. Following the demolition of the seven floors of the previous project that had been built and utilising its foundations, the main construction began in autumn 2016 just after the Brexit referendum.

2015 July - Submission for planning permission. Removal of the existing concrete stump.

2012 - The construction of the development, formerly known as The Pinnacle, stops.
New foundations and basements had been constructed. Part of the lift shaft walls
built up to nine levels.

2007 - Plans approved for the redevelopment of the site.

Neighbouring Buildings

- 6-8 Bishopsgate
- The Leadenhall Building
- 1 Great St Helen's
- One Undershaft
- 15 Bishopsgate
- 35 St Helen's Gate
- St Helen's Bishopsate

Connected Companies

Main Contractor:
Planning Consultant:
Structural Engineer:
Flexible Offices:
Move Management:
Access Consultant:
Cost Consultant:
Façade Engineering:
Landscape Architect:
Heritage Consultant:
CGI Artist:
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Commercial Leasing:
Commercial Leasing:


The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Liverpool Street Underground Station
Central, Circle, Hammersmith-city, Metropolitan
St Mary Axe
25, N25, N550

News: (18)

Construction of 22 Bishopsgate completes

Practical completion has been reached on 22 Bishopsgate, reports AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets.

Europe’s first vertical village aims to set a new standard for office space. The building has been built and will be managed to the highest technology and sustainability standards, in order to support the varying needs of people and businesses today, having taken a people-first approach to design improve the daily working lives of its residents.

Lipton Rogers Developments, AXA IM - Real Assets’ development partner for the project and Multiplex, the development’s main contractor, have now handed the project over to 22 Bishopsgate’s operational team who will oversee the onboarding of the first occupiers. The project is expected to be fully operational and formally open mid-2021.

About 60% of the space, representing around 680,000 sqft, has been pre-let to 14 occupiers from asset management, legal, technology, and professional services sectors. The occupiers include Beazley, Convene, Canopius, Cooley, Hiscox, Nasdaq, RGA, Statkraft, THB Group, a US data analytics and risk assessment firm, a fortune 100 technology company and AXA Investment Managers

The first five tenants, on eight floors in total, are due to complete the fit-out of their space in early 2021, with some having commenced their works in late 2019 / early 2020.

As a result of practical completion, these tenants are now able to connect to 22 Bishopsgate’s central systems and converged technology ahead of their first staff moving in from Q1 next year.

A further four companies are already in the process of fitting out another seven floors in total, with staff expected to take residency during Q2 2020. The remaining four pre-let occupiers are expected to begin fit-out of eight floors during the first few months of 2021.

Harry Badham, UK Development Director at AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “From the outset, 22 Bishopsgate was conceived as a people-centred and technological advanced building and now, more than ever, do we appreciate the importance of that goal. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, many structural changes that were dictating the future of the real estate industry have accelerated exponentially - changing people’s expectations and leading to increased demand for healthier, more uplifting, more purposeful and more productive spaces. Many aspects of 22 Bishopsgate were aspirational when they were originated but are now fundamental necessities, and many more ideas are available to us using new technologies. We have no doubt that, while it continues to evolve and adapt, the office will remain central to people’s lives - driven by the collaboration, learning, relationships, continuity and sense of belonging it helps inspire. To create a great place for our residents, we must also be prepared to be continually assessed and to continually respond to their requirements.
I would also like to reflect on and thank the thousands of people who have been involved in safely completing the construction of this fantastic project and reflect on their remarkable dedication. Millions of hours have been spent by thousands of men and women who have poured concrete, fixed steel, installed windows, plants, lifts and a whole host of other essential duties throughout exceptional conditions, particularly, over the past 9 months. I believe 22 Bishopsgate is a fitting testament to their efforts.”

Sir Stuart Lipton of Lipton Rogers commented: “We are delighted to see the construction of this ground breaking project come to completion. 22 Bishopsgate breaks new ground focussing on the needs of office individuals and providing them with new amenities, technology and hotel-style management producing the office of the future.”

07/12/2020 11:13 by Buildington

AXA IM - Real Assets has let a further 37,000 sq ft of space at 22 Bishopsgate, to THB Group, an AmWINS Group Company and specialist international (re)insurance broking and risk management group, on a 15 year lease.

This letting takes the total pre-let space, including expansion options, at 22 Bishopsgate to around 800,000 sq ft to a mix of occupiers.

THB will move into 22 Bishopsgate in late 2020 and will occupy one and a half floors on the 16th and 17th levels of the building, with fitting out due to begin soon. The lease will also provide THB with access to the 100,000 sq ft of common amenities, social spaces and services that will be available to occupiers as part of the building’s infrastructure. A further 102,000 sq ft of event space, meeting rooms and flexible workspace are also on offer following the recent lease to Convene. THB placed value on these shared amenities and facilities allowing them to leverage their planned growth and give them additional flexibility – as well as a high focus on their staff environment.

THB Group CEO and AmWINS International President, Frank Murphy, commented: “THB/AmWINS’ move to 22 Bishopsgate signals the start of a new era for us. Our recent recognition as Broker of the Year and our consistent financial results demonstrate our strength, stability and expertise. A state-of-the-art office in one of the City’s most exciting and futuristic real estate projects reflects THB/AmWINS’ commitment to the London insurance market and our collective ambition for the future.”

Harry Badham, Head of UK Development at AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “THB Group’s commitment to take space at the building, during an exciting period for the business, serves as another endorsement of how the quality of space and the people-focused facilities and amenities on offer at 22 Bishopsgate can support a business’ growth ambitions. As we move towards the next phase of our leasing campaign, we continue to be encouraged by the diverse occupier base that the building continues to attract from across London and we look forward to announcing further leases in the coming months.”

THB was represented by Haggie Partners and 22 Bishopsgate was represented by CBRE and JLL.

15/01/2020 16:35 by Buildington

Turner & Townsend are helping Nasdaq to deliver their new office space from its current office near Guildhall to the landmark 62-storey 22 Bishopsgate skyscraper, occupying a 25,000 sq ft space on the 18th floor.

Working with Nasdaq’s real estate team in New York, Turner & Townsend are responsible for the project, cost and move management for the relocation, with the company’s employees moving in to their new home next year.

Rich Sargeant, Project Lead at Turner & Townsend, commented: "22 Bishopsgate is the highest profile development currently underway in the City of London and we are delighted to be working with Nasdaq on their office relocation. The vertical village design of the building places a strong emphasis on user experience and human interaction. These will be priorities for Nasdaq’s office space as well.”

Bjørn Sibbern, president of European Markets at Nasdaq, said: “We believe 22 Bishopsgate’s emphasis on sustainability-driven construction and its highly progressive focus on people’s wellbeing is fully aligned with our own outlook and were deciding factors in our decision to move to 22 Bishopsgate. We look forward to moving into our exciting new home next year.”

20/11/2019 09:36 by Buildington

AXA IM-Real Assets has let a 102,000 sq ft of space across four floors at 22 Bishopsgate to Convene.

The New York-based company will open a bespoke meeting, conference and event venue, as well as on-demand flexible workspaces in its first location outside of the USA. Over 415,000 sq ft of the 1.275 million sq ft 22 Bishopsgate has now been pre-leased. The addition of the Convene space doubles the amount of amenity space provided at 22 Bishopsgate to over 200,000 sq ft. AXA IM - Real Assets is developing 22 Bishopsgate on behalf of an international consortium of investors, with Lipton Rogers Developments retained as developer.

When Convene’s new premises open in September 2020, it will offer a variety of services for 22 Bishopsgate’s occupiers and the wider London business community. Levels three and four will house a new 51,000 sq ft events and meeting venue available for use by the hour or day. The space will offer a multitude of meeting and event spaces to host conferences, board meetings, town halls, product launches, panels, and networking receptions with room capacities of 30 to 300+ people. All spaces will include high-spec, built-in technology with full-time I.T. support, as well as five-star hospitality support via a full commercial kitchen and on-site culinary and event production teams.

Levels five and six will accommodate a 51,000 sq ft ‘Convene WorkPlace’ which will offer flexible, on-demand project workspace and office suites for small to mid-sized companies. Convene WorkPlace membership includes hospitality services, spacious communal areas, award-winning chefs, reliable and secure technology, and the finest design touches in a distraction-free environment.

Alongside Convene’s facilities, 22 Bishopsgate will also provide a further c. 100,000 sq ft of integrated social spaces and services for its occupiers, including a first of its kind innovation hub for small businesses and start-ups on level seven. A 22,000 sq ft area of food and dining space, known as The Market, will be provided on level two and managed by Rhubarb and Young British Foodies.

Further amenities which aim to create an inspiring, healthy and energising workplace for a diverse business workforce of 12,000 people include London’s largest cycle park, a gym with climbing window 125m above ground and class-based activity on Level 25 and a wellbeing retreat on Level 41. 22 Bishopsgate will also offer a members’ club on level 57, and a restaurant and bar on floors 59-60. When it opens in 2020, 22 Bishopsgate will also be home to London’s highest public viewing gallery on Level 58 and a curated art walk on the ground floor.

Convene CEO and Co-Founder, Ryan Simonetti commented: “For Convene’s first international location, we’re excited to partner with a progressive landlord that shares our vision for the future of the workplace. 22 Bishopsgate is an incredibly unique, human-centric work destination with inspiring community and amenity spaces integrated throughout the building, making it the perfect fit for Convene. Flexible, serviced workplaces have already had a tremendous impact in Central London, and Convene’s newest flagship location at 22 Bishopsgate will support companies requiring premium on-demand meeting and event spaces, as well as occupiers looking for hospitality-infused workspaces that offer the flexibility to expand and contract as business cycles change.”

Harry Badham, Head of UK Development at AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “The role of the office has changed and, with an increasing understanding of the correlation between wellbeing and productivity, workplaces now need to do so much more than simply accommodate people. Convene is a very important addition to the 22 Bishopsgate community, doubling the amount of amenity space and providing a new events venue for London. The fact that Convene has chosen 22 Bishopsgate as its first international location also underlines our shared vision of the workplace of the future and London’s continued role as a world leading centre of business.”

Convene was represented in-house by CBRE. 22 Bishopsgate was represented by JLL.

09/08/2019 22:51 by Buildington
Topped Out

The tallest building in the City of London has now topped out reaching its highest point in the structure of 294.520mAOD, reports Multiplex.

Representatives from across the project team, including Multiplex, AXA IM – Real Assets, on behalf of an international consortium of investors, Lipton Rogers Developments and PLP Architecture attended the ceremony to mark the important milestone for the project.

Once complete, 22 Bishopsgate will offer 1.275 million sq ft of workspace designed to accommodate 12,000 people and up to 100 companies of various sizes.

The 62-storey tower, with the fastest lifts in Europe, will also house a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat, curated ‘art walk’, business club, cycle hub, destination restaurant, as well as the London’s highest free public viewing gallery.

The unique shape of the floorplate permits flexible floor layouts. New technologies will make life easier for occupiers and their people, while simultaneously simplifying building management for the landlord. It is also the first UK core and shell building to be registered for the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) WELL Building Standard™ (WELL).

Andrew Feighery, Project Director at Multiplex, commented: “22 Bishopsgate is a truly innovative building in the heart of London’s Square Mile, which will foster a creative environment for the 12,000 people occupying the building.”

14/05/2019 05:03 by Buildington

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets has agreed to first pre-letting at flagship London development with innovative lease to Hiscox for at least 81,000 sq ft of space in Twentytwo

Twentytwo is the 1.4m sq ft (c. 130,000 sqm) people-focused development in the heart of London being managed by AXA IM - Real Assets, on behalf of an international consortium of investors, with Lipton Rogers Developments retained as developer.

Twentytwo will become Hiscox’s principal office in London, where it has taken 75,000 sq ft (c. 6,960 sqm) on the 8th, 9th and 10th floors of the 62 storey building, on a lease expiring in 2037, with the first staff due to take occupancy as part of a phased move in early 2021.

Providing occupiers with flexible leasing options is a key part of AXA IM - Real Assets’ offer at Twentytwo and it has structured the agreement to include a number of innovative components. Firstly, the lease provides Hiscox the option to take up to 90 desks of short term, fitted out space within Twentytwo, meeting its requirement to house specific project teams. Hiscox also has an option over half of the 11th floor (12,500 sq ft / c. 1,160 sqm), which gives Hiscox flexibility to expand its core office for future growth.

Hiscox is a well-known supporter of the arts and has a long track record of uncovering and supporting emerging talent which has allowed it to build a large collection of pieces from renowned and international artists. The ability to display this art was an important consideration for Hiscox when making the decision to move. This requirement fitted well with the strong emphasis AXA IM - Real Assets and Lipton Rogers Developments have placed on art as a key part of Twentytwo, and under the terms of the lease Hiscox will be able to contribute to this by working with AXA IM - Real Assets to display its own collection in certain parts of the building.

Currently under construction and due to complete in late 2019, Twentytwo is a new, people-focused workplace expected to accommodate a community of up to 12,000 people. It has been designed to put user experience, community and human interaction at the centre of its offer and will be the first major London building to embrace the structural and cultural shifts in how people work and live, embracing a range of community amenities and using the latest technology.

Twentytwo’s central themes of wellbeing and community aims to allow tenants to benefit from the direct correlation between happiness at work and quality of workplace with increasing an individual’s productivity and creativity. To help achieve this, Twentytwo will house a diverse range of community spaces, providing its occupants with access to a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym with London’s first climbing window 125 metres from the ground, wellbeing retreat and spa, business club, bike park, as well as the capital’s highest free public viewing gallery, with art interventions throughout.

Twentytwo will also be built to the highest technology and sustainability standards, in order to support the varying needs of businesses today and in the future, and is the first building in the UK to apply for the Delos WELL Building Standard.

Harry Badham, UK Development Director at AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “Signing our first lease marks the next important step in the story of Twentytwo and we are very pleased to welcome Hiscox as the first members of the Twentytwo community. Providing flexible and innovative terms to meet the specific needs of tenants are key to the Twentytwo offering, alongside the ability to address changing workplace expectations as well as a significant focus on community, wellbeing, interaction and connectivity. This approach has been key to both attracting Hiscox as our first tenant and the level of interest we have received from other potential occupiers. We hope to announce further members of the Twentytwo community in the near future.”

CBRE and JLL acted for Twentytwo while BH2 acted for Hiscox.

06/08/2018 21:53 by Buildington

Insurers Beazley and Hiscox are said to be in negotiations over taking space in at 22 Bishopsgate, reports Evening Standard.

The companies might take 80,000 sq ft each while agents are also close to landing US insurer Aspen.

Source: Insurers eye new offices at London skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate, Evening Standard, 20.04.2018.

25/04/2018 14:00 by Buildington

AXA Investment Managers, acting on behalf of a consortium of international investors, together with its development partner Lipton Rogers Developments, have unveiled their vision for the highly-anticipated office building Twentytwo, located at 22 Bishopsgate in the heart of the City of London.

Their concept responds directly to the major shifts in the way people work and live, brought about by cultural, demographic and technological advances in the world of work.

Twentytwo has been designed as a place people will want to work in, and as a building that represents a new approach to office design. At its core, Twentytwo aims to offer choice – choice to eat healthier, choice to exercise, choice to speak to others and share experiences and choice for the occupiers in creating their own, bespoke workspaces. It is designed to increase wellness, engagement and productivity, ultimately making a significant and positive impact on the businesses and people that will form its community.

The 62-storey tower will be the first of its kind to house a fresh food market, innovation hub, gym, wellbeing retreat and spa, curated ‘art walk’, business club and cycle hub, as well as the London’s highest free public viewing gallery. It will be the first UK tower to contain in excess of 100,000 sq ft of integrated amenity and social spaces, creating an inspiring, healthy and energising workplace for a vibrant and diverse business workforce of 12,000 people.

Isabelle Scemama, CEO of AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “We invested in Twentytwo for the long term and have been bold with the concept in order to both set new standards for workspace in London and to ensure that the building is future-ready. The critical mass of the project has allowed us to push the boundaries of what is possible in an office building. London continues to show the world that it is an adaptable and resilient global city and we are confident its place as an eminent international business centre will remain, with Twentytwo an integral part of its future success.”

Designed by Karen Cook of PLP Architecture, Twentytwo will offer 1.275 million sq ft of flexible workspace for all sizes and scales of businesses to work in. Recognising that companies are increasingly looking to collaborate across disciplines and sectors, plans for Twentytwo include a dedicated space to support start-ups and entrepreneurs, providing the ability to connect emerging innovators with larger companies within Twentytwo’s community, while at the same time providing more established tenants with access to the next generation of creative talent.

Sir Stuart Lipton, partner at Lipton Rogers Developments, said: “Twentytwo is different - a first of its kind. We recognise the role of the office has changed, with workplaces now needing to do so much more than simply accommodate people. They are becoming hubs for bringing colleagues together - ‘high-tech coffee shops’ where people meet, share, collaborate and develop ideas, strategies and solutions. Twentytwo will be a truly ‘social’ workplace with different spaces for people to socialise, focus and energise. It represents how we will all be working in the future.”

The relationship between employee wellbeing and productivity is central to the Twentytwo ethos, being the first UK core and shell building to apply for the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) WELL Building Standard™ (WELL). A state-of-the-art fitness hub will include London’s first climbing window, installed directly on the inner face of the building’s external wall. This will be situated 125 metres from the ground and provide panoramic views across the City. The scheme will offer London’s largest provision of cycle parking with up to 1,700 spaces, and will include a dedicated amenity to support employee wellness, incorporating a spa and treatment area as well as zones to relax and meditate.

Twentytwo will offer an exceptional vista of the London skyline from the city’s highest free public viewing gallery, complete with top level restaurant. At the building’s base, workers will be able to enjoy an ‘art walk’ in the triple-height lobby. This programme of curated works of art and sculpture will be commissioned on a revolving basis to provide an inspiring and ever-changing display at street level.

The building forms the centrepiece of the City of London’s cluster, with access to a commuter workforce via mainline rail networks, tube and, from 2018, Crossrail. The dynamic and future-facing nature of the scheme echoes the City’s own evolution, with Twentytwo perfectly positioned to attract a diverse range of businesses as London’s centre continues to move eastwards.

AXA IM - Real Assets’ Twentytwo leasing director, James Goldsmith, said: “Over the past 10 years there has been a clear shift in London’s axis to the east. Renowned for its financial business infrastructure, the City’s cultural and social credentials are now thriving. Rather than focusing on a series of distinct sub-markets, occupiers are now choosing locations based upon their intrinsic benefits rather than historic reputations.”

Catherine McGuinness, policy chairman of the City of London Corporation, said: "We are proud to support the development of Twentytwo in the City of London. On its completion it will be one of the tallest buildings in the City skyline and will be a real sign of how London is open for business. As well as traditional occupiers, we are increasingly seeing a new wave of technology, media and telecoms companies drawn to the City’s world-leading connectivity, cyber security, infrastructure and cultural and retail offering. With more than 50,000 more people expected to work in the Square Mile over the next thirty years, Twentytwo is a world-class example of how we will meet the demand for modern office space and diverse occupiers."

Twentytwo is currently under construction and is due to be completed in 2019.

CBRE and JLL have been appointed joint leasing agents on the project.

27/06/2017 11:53 by Buildington

Mayor of London has approved plans for the new development at 22 Bishopsgate.

The planning application was for:

Construction of a building arranged on three basement floors, ground and 61 upper floors plus mezzanines and plant comprising floorspace for use within Classes A and B1 of the Use Classes Order and a publicly accessible viewing gallery and facilities (Sui Generis); hard and soft landscaping works; the provision of ancillary servicing and other works incidental to the development. (199,224sq.m GEA).

LPA Case No 15/00764/FULEIA

14/12/2016 18:25 by Buildington

The insurer and development partner of 22 Bishopsgate Lipton, Rogers Developments, has submitted a revised planning application to the Corporation of London, reports Evening Standard.

The developers have taken 23 metres off the height, which means the tower will be 59 storeys (255 metres).

Source: New Bishopsgate skyscraper gets 'haircut' to avoid City Airport flights, Evening Standard 5.12.2016.

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Real estate and asset manager AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets has announced that, on behalf of a consortium of international investors, it will continue construction of 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London.

The commitment to 22 demonstrates AXA IM - Real Assets’ and the consortium of international investors’ confidence in how appealing this highly progressive c.1.4 million sqft (c.128,000 sqm) development will be to all types of international and domestic occupiers. This confidence is based on the unique and broad range of amenities and types of space that 22 will offer, as well as its prime location in the City of London, as one of the leading global centres for international business, notwithstanding the current uncertainties created by the EU Referendum.

AXA IM - Real Assets, together with its development partner Lipton Rogers, expect to finalise the appointment of a contractor for the main build of the tower within the next few weeks, with work due to commence thereafter. Significant preparatory works have already been undertaken on the site, including substantially completing the foundations and ground works, which utilised those from the previous unfinished development, to allow for an accelerated construction timetable, with a target completion date of 2019.

On completion, 22 will be a new model and standard for workplace design and management, with the objective of meeting emerging occupier needs for greater space, adaptability, productivity and employee satisfaction. The building, designed to appeal to a broad range of occupiers, will offer extensive amenities and spaces for meeting as well as shared work environments, including an innovation centre that will support progressive new City businesses. A wide range of services, new technologies and events will serve the community of over 12,000 people working within 22.

Plans include dedicated areas for leisure, health and wellbeing. In line with AXA IM - Real Assets’ ambition to be a globally sustainable business, notably by targeting 75% of total direct property under management to be certified with reputable sustainability labels by 2030, 22 is the first UK building to apply for the Delos WELL Building Standard. This certification recognises the impact that buildings have on the health of their occupiers.

Pierre Vaquier, CEO of AXA IM - Real Assets, said: “Our ongoing commitment to 22 Bishopsgate reflects our firm belief, and that of our clients and partners, in this development project, aligned to the fact we are taking a long term view of this investment. The decision to proceed underscores our confidence in the progressive and attractive development that we will deliver at 22, coupled with the anticipated breadth of demand from local and global occupiers for easily accessible space in a prime location in the City of London, as one of the leading global centres for international business, that will respond to their future business needs.”

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Planning Approval

The City of London Corporation’s Planning & Transportation Committee has given planning permission for a new tower at 22 Bishopsgate.

The site has planning permission for the “Pinnacle” tower which was given planning permission and begun before the financial crisis. The planning permission for the new tower does not invalidate the old one, meaning that in theory either design could be built.

After the Committee, Chief Planning Officer Annie Hampson said: “This is a substantial high-quality tower. 22 Bishopsgate exemplifies many of the qualities we are looking for in our landmark buildings – it is elegant, calm, and open to the public. A viewing gallery at the top will provide for workers, visitors, residents with the opportunity to look out over the City free of charge. Tall buildings in the City’s Eastern Cluster near transport hubs are an effective way of creating the increase in office space and employment needed for a growing London.”

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The core of The Pinnacle is currently being demolished to make way for a new 62-storey skyscraper 22 Bishopsgate.

Construction of The Pinnacle stopped four years ago at level 9.

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Designs for the proposed tower at 22 Bishopsgate will be displayed for the first time today as part of a public exhibition. The exhibition is to be held on site at 22 Bishopsgate and comes ahead of the anticipated submission of a new planning application later this summer. The new design follows the acquisition of the site earlier this year by a consortium of international investors led by AXA Real Estate, with Lipton Rogers acting as development partner.

22 Bishopsgate will fill an obvious gap at the centre of the City's cluster of tall buildings. Work stopped in 2012 on the previous development of the site, which was granted planning approval in 2007 and had a consent that was designed for different economic conditions, with only the foundations, basements and the lift core up to level nine having been completed. Of the existing structure, the foundations and basements will be retained, helping minimise the disruption from the new proposal.

The new design, led by Karen Cook of PLP Architects, responds to recent towers, which have been approved and developed in the area since 2007, whilst respecting designated views from around London. The proposed building is 278m and 62 storeys tall; 10m lower than the previously approved consent. Overall the building will provide more than 1.4 million sqft of net internal area with the floor plates shaped to reduce the mass of the building, whilst offering the optimum size and configuration for potential occupiers.

At the top of the building will be a public viewing gallery, which will have dedicated lifts, be free to the public and sit alongside a two storey public restaurant and bar.

London's position as a world leading Global City and continued predictions for its employment growth are putting pressure on the supply of central London office space which meets the needs of modern businesses. With the advent of Crossrail at Liverpool Street, 22 Bishopsgate is in the heart of one of the best-connected CBDs in Europe and fulfils the increasing need for high-density employment space that maximises the benefits of this public investment in infrastructure.

On completion, 22 Bishopsgate will be an integrated vertical city which accommodates over 12,000 people, and has been conceived to provide an exceptional work environment including an extensive range of amenities, services and facilities, arts and entertainment. In the nine years since the previous design was approved, both business and employee expectations for their workplaces have led to increased standards in office design and management. The proposals for 22 Bishopsgate have taken a fresh look at this new environment based on international best practice and aim to create a better place for people to experience whether at work, at play or when visiting.

22 Bishopsgate aims to create a community; the plans include spaces for meeting and collaboration, as well as a range of cafés, food outlets and a conference centre, complimented with amenities such as a medical centre, library, a wellness suite, and specialised sports facilities. 22 Bishopsgate will host art installations, curated events and seminars, while on the ground floors, there will be a programme of coached sessions ranging from cookery through to language lessons.

Large floorplates provide flexibility that will appeal to all business sectors
The spatial design of the proposed floorplates and their size – over 20,000 sqft at most levels – offer increased flexibility for interior layouts with a variety of working spaces, which can accommodate internal staircases and winter gardens to support business activity and improve productivity. This means that 22 Bishopsgate will be equally appealing to a wide range of businesses from all sectors across London and of all sizes.

The flexible approach to space is coupled with oversized floor-to-ceiling heights that deliver 20% more window space than conventional office building and provide exceptional views as well as a natural light, which helps promote the building's aim of improving wellbeing; a theme which is evidenced by the fact that 22 Bishopsgate aims to be the first building in London to adopt the new Delos WELL Building Standard. The Delos standard is the world's first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness and assesses people using the building to measure, certify and monitor features that impact health and wellbeing.

In addition to its exceptional accessibility by public transport, 22 Bishopsgate, will achieve a BREEAM Excellent sustainability certification and a 25% carbon saving compared to the previous scheme, partly due to the triple glazed ultra-efficient façade.

The building will set new standards in promoting cycling, providing a parking facility on site for over 1,500 bikes and over 100 showers, along with hire, repairs, sales, safety training, spinning classes, laundry and drying facilities.

Improving safety and reducing congestion through a unique consolidated delivery plan 22 Bishopsgate will also be the first major office building in London to use an off-site consolidated delivery centre to minimise vehicle movements to the site - reducing pollution, improving security and diminishing the number of cyclist accidents with HGVs. Supplies to and waste from the building will be delivered to a consolidation centre outside central London and energy efficient vehicles will then make far fewer deliveries to the site outside peak pedestrian movement and rush hour times.

Commenting on the proposed development, Sir Stuart Lipton of Lipton Rogers said: "22 Bishopsgate will represent an elegant addition to the City of London at the heart of the cluster of tall buildings. Technically advanced with care for people at the heart of its strategy and taking new ways of working as its essence, the building will assist personnel to feel motivated and earn its place as the finest working environment in Europe with wellbeing and a range of social facilities that make the work experience less stressful, as well as more uplifting and efficient."

Anne Kavanagh Global Head of Asset Management and Transactions at AXA Real Estate, added: "Our commitment to develop 22 Bishopsgate is driven by London's status as one of the preeminent world cities and its continued capacity to generate employment and growth. As with our other projects, 22 Bishopsgate has an underlying commitment to create a sustainable building environmentally, socially and economically. This investment is being made for the long term and – along with public and private investment into the local transport and infrastructure – we believe will continue to strengthen central London's position as an international business location."

The exhibition of the proposed development will run from 12-2pm, and 4-8pm until Friday 19 June and 10am-4pm on Saturday 20 June.

Source: AXA

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AXA Real Estate Investment Managers has exchanged contracts, on behalf of an international consortium of investors, to acquire 22 Bishopsgate, London EC2 (formerly known as The Pinnacle) from Pinnacle No 1 Limited to develop a new building partnering Lipton Rogers Developments.

In the all-equity transaction, AXA Real Estate, acting as development & asset manager, on behalf of the international consortium of investors, has retained Lipton Rogers as developer. The consortium intends to develop a new landmark tower, designed by leading architects PLP, at the heart of the City of London, close to Liverpool Street Station. The new tower will provide over 1 million sqft of prime offices, including retail as well as restaurant and bar space. There will be a public viewing gallery at the top of the building.

Pinnacle No 1 Limited will retain an interest in the top floors of the building which will provide a unique leisure offer with separate ground floor access.

A planning application for the new 22 Bishopsgate tower will be submitted within the next few months. Construction is expected to commence by the end of 2015 with completion scheduled for the end of 2018.

AXA Real Estate, on behalf of the investors’ consortium, is advised by JLL and CBRE advised Pinnacle No 1 Limited.

Anne Kavanagh, Global Head of Asset Management & Transactions at AXA Real Estate, commented: “The acquisition of 22 Bishopsgate represents a significant opportunity to purchase a prime office development site at one of the most desirable office locations in the City of London. Our experience of underwriting development opportunities and putting together international investor clubs has been pivotal to bringing a transaction of this size and complexity together. The project has enormous potential and we believe that the combination of AXA Real Estate’s strong track record of development in London and internationally, together with the long term prospects of London as a world leading city and international finance centre, present a compelling investment opportunity.”

Sir Stuart Lipton, Partner of Lipton Rogers, said: “We are now delighted to be partnering with AXA Real Estate having worked on 22 Bishopsgate with PLP Architects and WSP for over three years. We have developed an innovative design for an exceptional office tower with art and character, shaped to respect views of the City and designed to be more than an office building with social amenity spaces, restaurants, bars and retail units as a new vertical City campus reflecting the City’s ever changing consumer base."

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New photos!

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Work on the skyscraper will resume after developers stopped construction when they ran out of funds, reports Evening Standard.

A £500 million rescue package was agreed to finish the 288-metre Pinnacle tower. Khalid Affara, managing director at Arab Investments, has confirmed HSBC will fund its development.

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Spiraling 288 meters (941 feet) upward from its base, the Pinnacle tower will form the apex of an emerging cluster of tall buildings in the centre of London’s financial district. Designed to make substantial contribution to the public realm, the project involves reopening a ground-level pedestrian passageway closed to pedestrians by a previous building on the site since the 1980s and linking a number of important public spaces along Bishopsgate and St. Mary Axe.


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