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A development by Grosvenor

A development by Grosvenor


Biscuit Factory

100 Clements Road, London SE16 4DG
Mixed use

Description of Biscuit Factory

Biscuit Factory and campus site development in Bermondsey, London SE16.

A significant part of the scheme by Grosvenor at the former Peek Frean Biscuit Factory and Lewisham and Southwark College site would be new build rental homes.

2017 - Planning application submitted for: Full planning permission for demolition, alterations and extension of existing buildings and erection of new buildings comprising a mixed-use scheme providing up to 1,217 residential units, up to 3,795 sqm GEA of flexible Class A1/A3/A4 (retail and food and drink uses) floorspace, up to 11,979 sqm GEA of flexible Class B1/B2 (business and industrial) floorspace, up to 896 sqm GEA of flexible Class D1/D2 (community/ assembly/ leisure) floorspace, and up to 3,882 sqm GEA of multi-use floorspace (A1/A3/A4/D1) and a new/replacement secondary school, in buildings ranging from 4 to 28 storeys in height as well as the creation of a single storey basement. The development also includes a basement parking and servicing area, communal amenity space, landscaping, children's playspace, car and cycle parking, installation of plant, new pedestrian, vehicular and servicing routes, the creation of two new pedestrian routes through the Railway Arches and associated works; and Outline planning permission (with all matters reserved) for the part demolition and part retention of existing buildings and erection of two new buildings comprising a mixed use scheme providing up to 125 residential units and up to 781 sqm GEA of flexible Class A1/A3/A4/D1/Sui Generis Uses and other associated works. Southwark Council 17/AP/4088.

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The Mayor of London has confirmed he is ‘calling in’ the application for Grosvenor's build to rent scheme in Bermondsey.

The Mayor will now act as the planning authority for the purposes of determining our planning application.

Commenting on the call in, Simon Harding Roots, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, commented:

"We believe in the value of diverse neighbourhoods and we take our role as a responsible landlord, providing opportunities for many people, not just a few, very seriously.

"In Bermondsey, we are committed to creating and managing a diverse neighbourhood, and have spent over five years working with the community and others to ensure our proposals reflect their ambitions for the area – today and in the future. Continuing this engagement will be a vital component of the next stage in this process.

"Today our site is a largely neglected, fenced off area which provides no homes, facilities, open spaces or significant employment opportunities for the borough.

"With the GLA, Southwark Council and local stakeholders we will work to bring both much needed new homes and the many additional benefits of our proposals to Bermondsey. These include new jobs, a new school, increased local spend, new retail, community and dining areas surrounded by new play and public spaces which together would create a long lasting social and economic legacy for the area."

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