Cundy Street Quarter

Belgravia SW1W
Mixed use

Key Details

Cundy Street, London SW1W 9JU
Plans Approved
Use Classes
C3, E


Cundy Street Quarter is a proposed residential-led, mixed-use development in Belgravia, London SW1.

The proposed new development will create:

- 93 affordable homes
- Senior living for up to 170 people
- 70 homes for sale.
- A cinema, a small food store, cafés, restaurants and flexible community space designed with local neighbours.
- A greener environment with new public spaces: 65 additional trees and 56,000 sqft of green space across the neighbourhood, equivalent to the size of 20 tennis courts. Over £2 million would be invested in Ebury Square to improve the landscaping and introduce a new play area.
- More sustainable buildings that are cheaper for residents to run: Producing 90% less carbon – equivalent to planting 3,500 trees per year – and reducing water usage by up to 45%.

Buildings in 2021
1. Walden House;
2. Stack House;
3. Coleshill Flats - ground floor only;
4. Kylestrome House;
5. Laxmore House;
6. Lochmore House.

The sit includes Ebury Square and Orange Square.

Planning History

2020 May - Planning application submitted for: Comprehensive residential-led mixed-use redevelopment, including demolition of Kylestrome House, Lochmore House, Laxford House, Stack House, Walden House and structures attached to Coleshill Flats; tree removal and pollarding; erection of a partial sub-basement, basement and buildings varying in height from five to 11 storeys, to provide affordable homes (Class C3), market homes (Class C3), senior living accommodation (comprising Class C3 and / or Class C2), alongside a range of uses at partial sub-basement, basement and ground floor level including retail (Class A1), restaurants / cafes (Class A3), drinking establishments (Class A4); offices (Class B1), community space (Class D1), cinema (Class D2); use of the lower ground floor of the Coleshill Flats as retail and / or workspace (Class A1 and / or B1); provision of new pedestrian routes; basement car parking; basement and ground floor circulation, servicing, refuse, ancillary plant and storage; provision of hard and soft landscaping; landscaping works and creation of new play facilities at Ebury Square; rooftop PV panels; rooftop plant equipment; refurbishment and relocation of Arnrid Johnston obelisk to elsewhere within the site; refurbishment and relocation of the water fountain on Avery Farm Row; repair and relocation of the telephone boxes on Orange Square; and other associated works. (The application is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development and is accompanied by an Environmental Statement (ES), which may be viewed with the planning application documents). Westminster City Council Ref. no. 20/03307/FULL.

Neighbouring Buildings
- Ebury Square
- St Barnabas' CE Primary School

Site & Location

The 1.77-hectare site is partially bordered by Ebury Street, Cundy Street and Pimlico Road in Belgravia.


Sloane Square Underground StationCircle, District
Ebury Bridge Road - 1 min. walking / 14 metres11, 170, 211, N11, 44, N44


Landscape Architect


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