Meet the Companies Behind the New Developments

Meet the Companies Behind the New Developments

02/05/2024 by Buildington

Getting to know the companies behind the new developments offers homebuyers and investors key insights into the project's quality, reliability, and potential. On Buildington, the team is showcased prominently on the new development and building profiles for precisely this reason.

New developments are often sold off-plan, which makes it harder for homebuyers to visualise the final product. Why not take some cues from developers? When selecting a team for their projects, they prioritise firms who have experience with similar projects. Any high-rise designed by architect Renzo Piano is probably a sound investment based on how well The Shard turned out. Main Contractor Gilbert-Ash can be trusted with Grade I buildings looking at the excellent job they made at The Portrait Gallery.

Once you've found your development, click through the company names to see their track record with projects they've done before.

Here is a short introduction to the roles involved in the property development. Click through the role name to see the live ranking tables. The full list of all the roles included can be found on the Companies page.



These are the visionaries who initiate and fund real estate projects. They make the key decisions about what to build, where, and for whom, setting the stage for all subsequent planning and development.

The developers generally focus on a specific sector, such as residential, commercial, student accommodation or more specific Build-to-Rent and Life Sciences. Largest developers in London include Berkeley Group, British Land and Peabody.

See also: Development Managers

Project Managers

Charged with turning the developers' visions into reality, these professionals coordinate all aspects of the project, from initial design to final construction, making sure the timelines are met and budgets are kept.


Planning Consultant

A planning consultant is essential in property development for handling local planning laws and regulations. They advise developers and property owners on obtaining the necessary permissions for their projects.

Architects and Interior Designers

Essential to the development team, these professionals are responsible for the design, which has to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

Landscape Architects

These specialists focus on enhancing the external and communal areas, integrating natural elements into urban environments to improve livability and appeal.


They create comprehensive plans that dictate the layout and integration of various spaces within large development projects.


Environmental, Ecological, and Sustainability Consultants

These consultants ensure that projects comply with environmental laws and standards, and they often help projects achieve sustainability certifications.

Heritage and Archaeology Consultants

They assess sites for historical significance and manage the preservation of any findings.

Transport and Traffic Consultants

These experts address the impacts of development on local traffic and design solutions to mitigate congestion and improve access.


Structural, Civil, and MEP Engineers

These engineers are fundamental in making sure that buildings are safe, stable, and functional, handling everything from the foundations to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Fire Engineers and Services Engineers

They design safety systems and manage the installation of essential services, ensuring developments meet all safety regulations.


Surveyors and Building Control Officers

These professionals ensure that all aspects of the development comply with national standards and local building codes.

Quantity Surveyors and Cost Consultants

They manage costs and help keep the project within budget, providing detailed tracking and reporting on financial expenditures.


Main Contractors

Responsible for the physical construction of the development, these contractors handle everything from the ground up.

Demolition Contractors

A demolition contractor assesses the site, obtains necessary permits, and safely demolishes existing structures to prepare for new development.

Facade Engineers and Fit-Out Contractors

These experts focus on the building envelope and interior finishes, respectively, ensuring high-quality aesthetics and functionality.


Selling and Letting Agents

These agents market the properties, helping to sell or rent out the spaces. They play a critical role in defining the commercial success of the project through strategic pricing and promotional activities.

Development Finance Providers

These entities fund the projects through various stages, often requiring detailed risk assessments and regular progress reports to release funds.


Security Consultants and Flood Risk Engineers

These roles focus on making the development safe and resilient, addressing potential security threats and environmental risks.

Air Quality and Contamination Assessment Consultants

They ensure that the project does not adversely impact the local environment and meets all regulatory standards for health and safety.


Communication and Community Engagement Specialists

They facilitate communication between the developers and the local community, making sure that the project aligns with community needs and expectations.


Employer’s Agents and Contract Administrators

They represent the owner’s interests during the contract negotiations and throughout the construction phase, seeing that all legal and procedural standards are met.



The role of the council in property development is pivotal as it is responsible for reviewing and approving planning applications submitted by developers.

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The hottest companies behind the new developments in London

Buildington's live ranking tables provide a dynamic view of the top-performing companies in each role, ranked based on the number of views their company profiles and properties receive. This feature allows you to easily identify the most sought-after and popular companies in the industry.

The directory is used by more than 100,000 people each month, including homebuyers, investors, developers, estate agents and consultants.

#buildingmomentum Watch this space as at the end of this year, we will be publishing The Buildington 100: Most Popular London’s New Developments 2024, which will include the top companies behind each development.

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