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Ham Close CGI at www.hamclose.co.uk


Ham Close

Ham Close, London TW10

Description of Ham Close

Ham Close is a regeneration of the Ham Close Estate which will create new homes in Richmond, London TW10.

The area of the regeneration is bounded by Woodville Road and Ashburnham Road. It includes the Youth Centre and car park, the Health Clinic, dental clinic, and the ‘Little House’ - the building occupied by MakerLabs.

Indicative Timeline

2021 - Expected start on site.
2021 - Expected planning permission.
2020/2021 Winter - Development partner chosen.
2017 - Preparation of detailed designs and studies to inform Planning submissions later in the year (including further consultation)

2016 / Early 2017: RHP Board and Richmond Council
Cabinet decisions

Connected Companies


News: (2)

The expected start on site has been moved to Autumn 2020.

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Ham Close in Richmond TW10 - new on Buildington!

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