BT Tower

BT Tower

BT Tower

BT Tower

13. June 2010
BT Tower

BT Tower

22. December 2012
BT Tower in 2010

BT Tower in 2010

June 2010
BT Tower in Fitzrovia, London W1.

BT Tower in Fitzrovia, London W1.

June 2010

BT Tower

60 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JZ

Description of BT Tower

BT Tower is a commercial building in Fitzrovia, London W1.

Quick facts
• 29 - Years ago the general public was able to visit the BT Tower.
• 5 million - A conservative estimate on the number of visitors since 1965.
• QE2 Bridge - The furthest landmark you can see from the Tower - on a clear day!
• 22 - mph lift speed at the BT Tower.
• 20 - Seconds the lift takes from the ground to the 34th floor.
• 36 - Number floors.
• 843 - Number of steps to the 34th floor.
• 22 - Minutes the revolving restaurant takes to complete a full circle.
• £2.5 million - Approximate cost to construct.
• 4 - Shillings, admission for the public in 1965 (20p).
• 189 metres - High (620 feet) - the equivalent of 24 double-decker buses end to end.
• 44 - Years old, the BT Tower opened on October 8, 1965, by the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson.
• 13,000 - Tonnes of concrete and steel.
• 20 - Centimetres the Tower is designed to sway, less than most high-rise structures.
• 50,000 - Square feet of glass in the Tower.
• 23 - Centimetres the building contracts in cold weather and expands when it's warm.


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The nearest tube, train and bus stations.
Goodge Street Underground Station
Goodge Street Station
24, 29, 390, 73, N20, N253, N279, N29, N5, N73

News: (1)

Proposals to remove the large dish-shaped aerials from the BT Tower have been approved by Camden Council, reports BBC.

BT said it was seeking to remove the aerials because they were redundant and in a bad state of repair.

In a planning document submitted to Camden Council, the company said that some of the equipment had already become detached from the tower.

It described the loose equipment as "a major health risk" because of the tower's height and location.

The tower was designed to host aerials that were used to transmit microwave signals for television broadcasting and telephone calls.


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