E1 London - Aldgate, Whitechapel, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Wapping

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Newton HouseNewton HouseCornwall Street
200 Cable Street200 Cable Street200 Cable Street
St George-in-the-East ChurchSt George-in-the-East Church14 Cannon Street Road 1729
172-176 The Highway172-176 The Highway172-176 The Highway
Discovery WalkDiscovery WalkDiscovery Walk
Tobacco DockTobacco DockWapping Lane
China CourtChina CourtAsher Way
Riviera CourtRiviera Court122 St Katharine's Way
Waterside BuildingWaterside Building1 Wapping High Street
Tower Bridge WharfTower Bridge Wharf86 St Katharines Way
3 Wapping High Street3 Wapping High Street3 Wapping High Street
Cinnabar WharfCinnabar Wharf22-28 Wapping High Street
Presidents Quay HousePresidents Quay House72 St Katharine's Way
Millers WharfMillers Wharf78 St Katharine's Way
Matilda HouseMatilda HouseSt Katharine's Way
2 Marble Quay2 Marble QuaySt Katharine's Way
7-19 St Katharine's Way7-19 St Katharine's Way7-19 St Katharine's Way
1 Marble Quay1 Marble Quay1 Marble Quay
The Dickens InnThe Dickens InnMarble Quay
The Ivory HouseThe Ivory HouseSt Katharine's Way
7-9 White Kennett Street7-9 White Kennett Street7-9 White Kennett Street
Christ Church SpitalfieldsChrist Church SpitalfieldsCommercial Street 1729
89 Whitechapel High Street89 Whitechapel High Street89 Whitechapel High Street
Mansell CourtMansell Court69 Mansell Street
Londinium TowerLondinium Tower87 Mansell Street
1 Goodman's Yard1 Goodman's Yard1 Goodman's Yard
Bishopsgate CourtBishopsgate Court4-12 Norton Folgate
One Norton FolgateOne Norton Folgate1 Norton Folgate
3-10 Shoreditch High Street3-10 Shoreditch High Street
110 Commercial Street110 Commercial Street110 Commercial Street
100 Shoreditch High Street100 Shoreditch High Street100 Shoreditch High Street
12-20 Osborn Street12-20 Osborn Street12-20 Osborn Street 2019
40 Commercial Street40 Commercial Street40 Commercial Street
54 Commercial Street54 Commercial Street54 Commercial Street
56 Commercial Street56 Commercial Street56 Commercial Street
Commercial HouseCommercial House43 Commercial Street
60-62 Commercial Street60-62 Commercial Street60-62 Commercial Street
61-63 Brushfield Street61-63 Brushfield Street61-63 Brushfield Street
The AlmaThe AlmaSpelman StreetSpring 2019
St. Mary Graces CourtSt. Mary Graces CourtCartwright Street
Tower Bridge Business CentreTower Bridge Business Centre46-48 46-48 East Smithfield
Merchant CourtMerchant Court61 Wapping Wall
133 Whitechapel High Street133 Whitechapel High Street133 Whitechapel High Street
Petticoat TowerPetticoat TowerArtizan Street
95 Brick Lane95 Brick Lane

 London E2 - Bethnal Green, Haggerston, Cambridge Heath

 BuildingHouse no & street nameCompletionPrices from
Apollo HouseApollo HouseSt Jude's Road
Geffrye MuseumGeffrye MuseumKingsland Road 1714
BoundaryBoundary2-4 Boundary Road 2008
Gowan HouseGowan HouseChambord Street
159 Bethnal Green Road159 Bethnal Green Road159 Bethnal Green Road
161 Bethnal Green Road161 Bethnal Green Road161 Bethnal Green Road
40 Cheshire Street40 Cheshire Street40 Cheshire Street
18 Cheshire Street18 Cheshire Street18 Cheshire Street
12 Cheshire Street12 Cheshire Street12 Cheshire Street
Rochelle SchoolRochelle SchoolArnold Circus19th century
Shiplake HouseShiplake HouseArnold Circus19th century
Hurley HouseHurley HouseArnold Circus19th century
Chertsey HouseChertsey HouseArnold Circus 1899
V&A Museum of ChildhoodV&A Museum of ChildhoodCambridge Heath RoadJanuary 1872
361 Bethnal Green Road361 Bethnal Green Road361 Bethnal Green Road
458 Bethnal Green Road458 Bethnal Green Road458 Bethnal Green Road
456 Bethnal Green Road456 Bethnal Green Road456 Bethnal Green Road
Horwood HouseHorwood HousePott Street
231-237 Cambridge Heath Road231-237 Cambridge Heath Road231-237 Cambridge Heath Road 2012
Blithehale CourtBlithehale Court10 Witan Street
Hebden CourtHebden CourtWhiston Road
Esquared ApartmentsEsquared Apartments238-244 Hackney Road 2013
The ColtThe Colt58-64 Three Colts Lane 2014
12-14 Kingsland Road12-14 Kingsland Road12-14 Kingsland Road
Fountain ApartmentsFountain Apartments123 Sceptre Road
LivE2LivE2Whiston RoadAutumn 2014
Mettle & PoiseMettle & PoiseHackney Road 2015
Grand Regent TowerGrand Regent Tower2 Cadmium Square 2014
5 Jersey Street5 Jersey StreetJersey Street
The VynYardThe VynYard64-70 Vyner StreetSpring 2017
99-101 Kingsland Road99-101 Kingsland Road99-101 Kingsland Road
Graphite PointGraphite PointPalmers Road 2015
48 Vyner Street48 Vyner Street48 Vyner Street 2015
Three Colts LaneThree Colts LaneThree Colts LaneSeptember 2016
The Cube ApartmentsThe Cube Apartments49 Mowlem Street 2016
Regalia PointRegalia Point30 Palmers Road 2015
Titanium PointTitanium PointPalmers Road 2017
Globe2Globe2Globe RoadSummer 2017
Long & WatersonLong & Waterson1-11 Long Street 2018
Dressage CourtDressage Court58-64 Three Colts LaneMay 2017
Glacier PointGlacier Point472 Hackney Road 2017
Suleymaniye MosqueSuleymaniye Mosque212-216 Kingsland Road
95 Hackney Road95 Hackney Road95 Hackney Road 2017
38-40 Kingsland Road38-40 Kingsland Road38-40 Kingsland Road
32-36 Kingsland Road32-36 Kingsland Road32-36 Kingsland Road
134 Kingsland Road134 Kingsland Road134 Kingsland Road
Shoreditch StablesShoreditch Stables138 Kingsland Road
140-192 Kingsland Road140-192 Kingsland Road140-192 Kinglsand Road
MacPherson ApartmentsMacPherson Apartments305 Cambridge Heath RoadMay 2018
Mayfield HouseMayfield House202 Cambridge Heath Road
11-21 Wadeson Street11-21 Wadeson Street11-21 Wadeson StreetSummer 2017
Godfrey Place11 Austin Street 2017
Wheelers LoftsWheelers Lofts64 Squirries Street 2019
Linslade HouseLinslade HouseWhiston Road
Adelaide WharfAdelaide Wharf118-120 Queensbridge Road 2007