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Chelsea Barracks development site in 2011.

Chelsea Barracks development site in 2011.

July 13, 2011
Chelsea Barracks development site in May 2010.

Chelsea Barracks development site in May 2010.

May 30, 2010
Phase 1 designed by  Squire and Partners. Screen capture of Chelsea Barracks website at

Phase 1 designed by Squire and Partners. Screen capture of Chelsea Barracks website at

May 22, 2014
Former apartment block at the Chelsea Barracks site in July 2013.

Former apartment block at the Chelsea Barracks site in July 2013.

July 19, 2013
Phases mapped at website in June 2015.

Phases mapped at website in June 2015.

June 27, 2015
Chelsea Barracks logo

Chelsea Barracks logo

Image: 2016
Chelsea Barracks hoarding in July 2017

Chelsea Barracks hoarding in July 2017

Chelsea Barracks progress update - Completing Belgravia's magnificence with five acres of garden squares.

Chelsea Barracks progress update - Completing Belgravia's magnificence with five acres of garden squares.

Contact estate agents Knight Frank or Savills for apartment sales at Chelsea barracks.

Contact estate agents Knight Frank or Savills for apartment sales at Chelsea barracks.

Chelsea Barracks development site on the corner of Lower Sloane Street and Pimlico Road.

Chelsea Barracks development site on the corner of Lower Sloane Street and Pimlico Road.

Visual of the proposed Phase 5b buildings at Chelsea Barracks by Piercy + Company in 2017; screen capture of exhibition boards at

Visual of the proposed Phase 5b buildings at Chelsea Barracks by Piercy + Company in 2017; screen capture of exhibition boards at

View to Chelsea Barracks development from Pimlico Road in May 2018.

View to Chelsea Barracks development from Pimlico Road in May 2018.

Phase 1 of Chelsea Barracks by Squire and Partners on Pimlico Road in May 2018.

Phase 1 of Chelsea Barracks by Squire and Partners on Pimlico Road in May 2018.

Poggenpohl kitchens across the road at 107 Pimlico Road next to Chelsea Barracks development.

Poggenpohl kitchens across the road at 107 Pimlico Road next to Chelsea Barracks development.


Chelsea Barracks

Chelsea Bridge Road, London SW1W 8RH
Mixed use

Description of Chelsea Barracks

Chelsea Barracks is a residential-led development in Belgravia, London SW1.

Looking for flats for sale at Chelsea Barracks? The selling agents are Knight Frank and Savills.

Key Facts
- 448 residential units including 123 affordable units
- 7 garden squares designed by landscape architects Kim Wilkie and Gustafson Porter
- Public sports facility with swimming pool
- Medical centre
- Community centre
- Local convenience shops
- 5 acres of public squares, streets and gardens
- 100 new trees
- Children’s play space

The redevelopment of the 12,8-acre site of the former Chelsea Barracks will provide new homes with a mix of private homes for sale and affordable homes including ‘extra care' housing for the elderly.

The apartments and houses are built around seven new garden squares. There will be around 5 acres of green space.

The variety of sizes and types of homes, including apartments, town and mews houses, is intended to help the development ‘blend in'.

- Whistler Square
- Mulberry Square
- Garrison Square

Consent for the designs by architects Squire and Partners was granted in May 2014. The three blocks that make up phase 1 contain 74 apartments that range in size from 1 to 6 bedrooms. This phase will also provide a cafe on the corner of block 1 to help animate the new public entrance to the site on Pimlico Road.

The 74 apartments in phase one were expected to have price tags ranging from £2 million to £50 million, reported Evening Standard in March 2015 when construction started on site.

The 1st Phase is completing in 2019.

Detailed design proposals for Phase 2, by architects Paul Davis + Partners, were submitted to Westminster City Council in May 2014 and consent was granted for the designs in August 2014. Phase 2 consists of 15 townhouses divided into two blocks which are 4 storeys at the front and 5 storeys to the rear, as the designs include a sunken rear garden. Some of the properties will have summerhouses in their rear garden. Completion of phase 2 in 2018.

Detailed design proposals for Phase 3A, by architects Ben Pentreath and Associates, were submitted to Westminster City Council in late August 2014. This phase consists of 2 blocks, one of which will be a mews house and another which will be a restaurant and delicatessen, forming one side of a new public square. It is intended to temporarily use Phase 3A as a marketing suite and show apartment while the rest of the site is being constructed. A separate application has been made to Westminster City Council for this use.
Completion in 2018.

Phase 3b includes residential use and retail use, along with the conversion of the Chapel. Design work for this phase is in the early stages. The Chapel completes in November 2018. The residential and retail elements complete in 2018.

Phase 4 will contain 3 apartment buildings arranged around a private courtyard. The designer for this phase is said to be Eric Parry Architects.

Phase 5 will contain new townhouses arranged around a square.

Phase 5b of the Chelsea Barracks masterplan is located adjacent to Phase 5a to the northern border of the site and is designed by Piercy & Company. It consists of 3 townhouses and 3 mews houses arranged in a crescent facing onto ‘Orchard Square’, a key residential square. To the north, at the rear of Phase 5b, sits a row of Georgian townhouses running along St. Barnabas Street.

Phase 6 contains private apartments, affordable housing and community facilities, such as a sports centre, health facility and retail.

Buildings 18 and 19 by Eric Parry Architects reflect the consented composition of Phase 4 and are 6 storeys in height with an additional two-storey penthouse set back at the upper level. The design proposals generally replicate the architectural character and materiality of Phase 4 across Five Fields Square. The Eric Parry Architects buildings in Phase 6a provide a total of 85 private residential units.
Building 20 is designed by Squire & Partners. It is an apartment building treated as a single block with a front entrance and lobby, and a central core serving all the apartments. The building has a maximum height of eight

Mace has been appointed as the main contractor to deliver Phase 1, 2 and 3 of the Chelsea Barracks Scheme.

The development is completed in phases. The entire development is due to complete in 2024.

For brochures please contact the selling agents.


2018 Exhibition of Phase 6B phase is held in February.
2017 Exhibition of phases 5b and 6a are held in July.
Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Co. is said to have sold almost 30 homes at the $4.3 billion Chelsea Barracks project before the properties are offered to the wider market later in 2016, said a source to Bloomberg. Buyers had agreed to pay about £4,500 ($6,500) a square foot. [1]
2016 The sales website launches. The slogan is - A Heritage. A Destiny. A Legacy.
2015 Work starts on site.

1. Chelsea Barracks
London's Chelsea Barracks Homes Said to Sell at 200% Premium, Bloomberg 25. April 2016
2. Chelsea Barracks Partnership

Chelsea Barracks townhomes, Chelsea Barracks marketing suite.

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2018/05/26 14:04

New photos of the Phase 1 building by Squire & Partners!

2018/03/30 13:35

There is a live camera now up at Chelsea Barracks development site

2018/02/13 09:26

The next exhibition to view the designs for Phase 6B of the Chelsea Barracks development takes place 21st, 22nd and 24th February 2018.

This phase of the project includes proposals for the community facilities and affordable accommodation.

Exhibition dates & times
Wednesday 21st February 2018
12.00pm – 4.00pm

Thursday 22nd February 2018
4.00pm – 8.00pm

Saturday 24th February 2018
10.00am – 2.00pm

The exhibition takes place at Garrison Chapel at Chelsea Barracks Site (Entrance from Ranelagh Grove) London SW1W 8PF.

Via 13.02.2018

2017/08/07 08:11

Chelsea Barracks development update from July 2017:

Phases 1, 2 and 3
Phases 1 to 3 are in the process of being fitted out and the
apartments and town houses are now for sale. To date, 60 percent of homes have been sold. Phases 1 to 3 will be completed by the end of 2018 and this will include two restaurants. Occupiers for the two restaurants are currently being explored.

The Chapel
The Chapel is currently undergoing restoration, due to be
completed by November 2017. Next year, the Chapel Trust will be finalised and a group including agreed representatives of local residents and traders will be elected to oversee the operation of the chapel. Although the previous gallery operator proposition failed to be concluded, partners are still being considered. This process will be finalised next year and the trust will be established.

Phase 4 and Phase 5a
Phase 4 was granted Reserved Matters Approval in May 2016. Phase 4 basements are currently being excavated and contractors are being appointed for the overall construction. Once contractors have been appointed, construction will commence from January 2018. Phase 3b which includes a temporary marketing suite, was completed earlier this year.

Phases 5b and 6a
Reserved matters planning applications for Phase 5b and Phase 6a will be submitted to Westminster City Council this summer. The exhibition in July provided an overview of the developing design proposals for these phases.

Phase 6b
Phase 6b will be the final phase of development. Phase 6b
comprises the remaining buildings along Ebury Bridge Road. These buildings include social amenities and affordable housing, subject to final definition with Westminster City Council. Once the Phase 6b requirements have been identified an architect will be appointed.

Source: Chelsea Barracks July 2017 Exhibition Boards Phase 5B and 6A

2017/07/11 10:38

New photos!

2017/07/03 14:48

Visit the next exhibition for the design proposals for Phase 5b and Phase 6a of the Chelsea Barracks site in July 2017.

You will have the opportunity to talk to the architects, Piercy and Co, Squire and Partners and Eric Parry Architects, who have been appointed to design these phases of the development.

Exhibition dates & times:

Saturday 15th July 2017

Monday 17th July 2017

Tuesday 18th July 2017

St Barnabas’ Church
St Barnabas Street

Visit for more information.

2016/09/15 08:08

Chelsea Barracks website is now live! Register your interest at!

2016/03/24 11:55

Exhibition for the proposals for Phase 5a of the Chelsea Barracks site, comprising of a small but important area in the centre of the site, is taking place for the second day today.

You will have the opportunity to talk to architects from Squire and Partners, recently appointed to design this phase of the development, and representatives of the wider team, including Soundings.

Exhibition dates & times:

Wednesday 23rd March 2016
12.00pm – 4.00pm

Thursday 24th March 2016
4.00pm – 8.00pm


Carmel Hall
35a Bourne Street


2014/05/22 13:57

Work on the first blocks of luxury apartments at Chelsea Barracks site is set to start within weeks after detailed plans for the £3 billion Chelsea Barracks scheme finally got the green light, reports Evening Standard.

The first 74 flats in three modern eight storey blocks - topped by two level penthouses - are expected to be completed by 2018.

There will be 448 new apartments once the scheme is finished with prices expected to range from £2 million to £50 million.

Read th full story here: Evening Standard 21. May 2014

2014/04/07 11:56

Next exhibition to view the initial design proposals for Phase 2 of the Chelsea Barracks development, comprising an area of new townhouses near Pimlico Road, is open this week.

You will have the opportunity to talk Paul Davis + Partners, the architects appointed for the new townhouses, to find out about and comment on their proposals.

Exhibition dates & times

Wednesday 9th April 2014
Friday 11th April 2014
Saturday 12th April 2014
11.00am – 3.00pm


Holy Trinity Church
Sloane Square

2013/01/28 21:08

Qatar shelves controversial Chelsea Barracks scheme as UK economy stalls. Read the story in The Guardian

2011/07/03 11:37

QATARI DIAR welcomes Chelsea Barracks decision
20 June 2011 (London)

QATARI DIAR Real Estate Investment Company has welcomed the decision by Westminster City Council to approve the outline planning application for the redevelopment of the former Chelsea Barracks.

The application was submitted in December through QATARI DIAR’s wholly owned subsidiary Project Blue Ltd. QATARI DIAR were singled out for praise by Westminster's Planning Committee for the extraordinary effort which had gone into involving the whole community and the sensitivity of their proposals for what was described as “a new Great Estate for London.” Councillor Alistair Moss, Chairman of the Planning and City Development Committee for Westminster City, summarised, “QATARI DIAR have set a planning exemplar. They should be publicly praised for the consultation of local residents and other stakeholders — the proposed development is one we should all be proud of.”

Eng. Mohammed bin Ali Al-­‐Hedfa, Group CEO of QATARI DIAR, commented: "We are delighted that, after an exhaustive 21-­month public consultation process that showed a high level of support for the Masterplan, Westminster City Council has decided to approve this application.” The 12.8 acre Chelsea Barracks site had been in military use and closed to the public for more than 150 years. The Masterplan will open up and reconnect it to the surrounding areas of Belgravia and Chelsea in a new integrated residential neighbourhood in a landscaped setting. Houses and apartments will be combined with local convenience shops, restaurants, a multi-­‐purpose community/cultural centre, a public sports and fitness facility and a medical centre. QATARI DIAR’s masterplan envisages a complete new community that is both distinctive and recognisable as a London neighbourhood. The buildings will be diverse in scale and character and linked by some 5 acres of new streets, squares and gardens in an attractive, walkable, sustainable environment. The landscaped areas will feature productive gardens, public art and more than 100 new trees set in some of London first new squares for more than a century. The 21-month consultation process has included over 30 public events, with 8 workshops and an Open Day attended by nearly 600 local people. Nine newsletters have been produced and distributed to 5000 local residents, interest groups and individuals. Regular meetings have been held with both the Residents’ Liaison Group, representing nearly 3300 households in the adjacent streets and the Community Liaison Group, involving representatives of amenity groups, traders, local schools and the Metropolitan Police. Nick Yarker, Local Ward Councillor, also noted: “There has been extensive community consultation which has taken place in a constructive atmosphere and there has been a clear desire to engage with as many people from the community as possible. This is admirable."

“The challenge has been to balance a diverse and sometimes conflicting range of views and create a masterplan for a new district that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable," said Al-Hedfa.

"We believe we have achieved an excellent proposal with a high level of public support for the development of this important and historic site in the heart of London."

Al-Hedfa added: "Qatari Diar has long-term commitment to London and, in particular, to the redevelopment and management of this site, despite very challenging current economic conditions."

"We would like to thank all those individuals and groups who have contributed so much to the creation of this Masterplan and its approval by Westminster City Council, particularly the local community. We look forward to working in partnership with both the council and the community to progress the development of Chelsea Barracks."

2011/06/21 17:38

New plans to redevelop the Chelsea Barracks site in central London have been approved by Westminster Council, reports BBC.

The outline plan proposes to build 448 houses and flats, including 123 affordable homes, a sports centre and retail outlets at the 13-acre site.

A Grade II listed chapel is to remain at the site as part of the proposals.

But the plans are opposed by Chelsea Barracks Action Group which said three 100ft (30.4m) buildings will "loom over this very classical part of London".

The approval comes two years after developer Qatari Diar withdrew its earlier plan following Prince Charles' criticism of Lord Rogers' design.

The new plan by architects Dixon Jones, Squire and Partners and Kim Wilkie was approved by the council on Monday night.


2011/06/17 14:57

Property Week reports that Chelsea residents have today chained themselves to the bars of Chelsea Barracks, in protest against the failure of developer Qatari Diar to demonstrate the full height of the huge residential scheme that will be built at the site.

Read the full article:

2011/06/15 15:58

Prince Charles will not stand in the way of the revised planning application for the £3 billion Chelsea Barracks development, reports Evening Standard.

The new scheme is expected to be approved by Westminster council on Monday two years after Richard Rogers's original modernist version was withdrawn following the intervention of the prince.

Read the full article:

2011/05/10 12:07

Qatari Diar has insisted that a "sensitive" new masterplan would be produced through "high levels of public engagement and creative involvement", reports Evening Standard.

The extent of this engagement has surprised the Belgravia Residents' Association. Randa Hanna, who chairs the association's planning group, told architects' weekly Building Design: "They have been very careful - they've almost gone overboard. I can't think of another project in London with this level of [community] involvement. Had the earlier scheme had this kind of consultation, there might have been a different result. However, what concerns me is whether their attitude will remain the same once they have planning permission."

Read the full article:

2011/05/09 13:00

Plans for a boutique hotel within the Chelsea Barracks scheme have been abandoned due to “substantial” opposition from residents.

The six-star, 90-bedroom hotel was due to be built on the corner of Pimlico Road and Chelsea Bridge Road but will now be replaced with additional residential and retail units.

Read the full article in

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