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How to advertise property for sale on Buildington?

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Advertise your new development to more than 150,000 savvy engaged buyers, renters and property professionals visiting Buildington every month.

The buyer and investor on Buildington know they have to be ready early in order to secure the best apartment in the building. Our audience is registered with the right local agent but will stay proactive and keep track of the market in order to see patterns to predict where the off-market sales are already happening without much noise.

Local agents advertise here for reasonable fees and a long-lasting effect. Once your name is on the building, it will stay there to help others find you as the go-to expert.

Here are some of the ways you can advertise your property and services on Buildigton today:

New Development Listing

Create an Evergreen New Development Profile to advertise a new development opportunity for sale or units for sale & to rent. The profile you create will never be deleted and will start collecting information contributed by the involved team members, complementing everyone’s track record.

New Development listing example

Micro Listings

List property for sale or for rent in a Building Stacker. Micro Listing is a lightweight property listing containing just the most important details – property type, price, floor number, and the agent logo with contact details.

Micro Listings example

Milestone Reporting

Report key milestones on the development timeline to push it up in the list. All you have to do is post a photo, add a date, choose one of the 42 milestones and write a few lines about the achievement. This will also refresh the track record for each and every team member listed on the project profile.

Examples of Milestones on a Timeline

Launch Events Weekly

Launching the sales or have a great offer for London property buyers and renters? Our weekly launch newsletter reaches thousands of people every week.


Plans start at just £29 for one building and £49 for ten. Sign up for a Buildington account to start advertising!

Please note that all property prices in this article are subject to change. You should always contact the sales representative for the up to date information.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this page is up to date and correct, Buildington accepts no responsibility for any errors contained in the information, or if the information is not current.

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