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Property Development Milestones

Promote your project and services by announcing key milestones on the building timeline.

Key Milestones

  • 42 milestones to help people find buildings at certain stages of their lifecycle;

  • Each milestone signals the public to take action;

  • Anyone from the team can post milestones;

  • Posting a milestone will push the building up in the listings, increasing the chances of getting to No.1 on Buildington Trends.

Site acquired

Plans approved

Funding secured

Main Contractor appointed

Registration opens

Sales launch

First residents move in

Grand opening

Planning Milestones

1. Site acquired

A Developer has purchased a site with a development opportunity.

Example: Developer Riverstone acquires a site on The Bishops Avenue N2 with existing planning permission. Read more…

2. New appointment

The Developer appoints a consultant to deliver the project plans. This includes all the companies in the planning team – Planning Consultant, Architect, Structural Engineer, MEP Engineer, etc.

Example: The refurbishment of the Barbican Centre has been awarded to a joint design team led by architects Allies and Morrison and Asif Khan Studio. Read more…

3. Public consultation

Once the designs are ready for review, a Public Consultation is held to get feedback from the community. This usually involves a public exhibition to showcase the plans where a series of talks, meetings and workshops take place.

Example: The developers want to hear what you think about the emerging vision for the Earls Court site to help shape these plans to bring it back to life. Read more…

4. Design

The planning team is now working on the plans and designs.

Example: Bishopsgate Goodsyard Regeneration Ltd has completed the Section 106 agreement, unlocking the 1.7 million sq ft mixed-use regeneration area in Shoreditch. Read more…

5. Planning application submitted

Plans for the development are submitted to the local authority.

6. Planning committee meeting

Announcement ahead of the meeting for anyone who wants to attend the meeting.

7. Plans approved by Committee

Announced right after the Committee vote.

Construction Milestones

9. Enabling works start

Works to prepare the site for development start.

10. Demolition start

Demolition works start.

11. Construction starts

Construction starts on site. Often marked with a Groundbreaking Ceremony.

13. Superstructure works start

Superstructure works start.

14. Topped out

The development has reached the highest point of construction. Usually marked with a Topping Out Ceremony.

Sales Milestones

20. Coming soon

Coming soon is announced when an approximate date for the launch is set.

Read more about this milestone: Coming Soon – a drumroll in the world of property development

21. New images

New images released.

22. Website launch

Website launch.

23. Sales Launch

The launch of the sales is often marked by a physical event. There might be more than one launch event but only one of them is ‘Official’. 

Launch events are also listed on Buildington’s Launch Calendar.

24. Sales event

Any other sales event held to promote sales except for the Launch or the Grand Opening. Often topical coinciding with a certain celebration. Usually, incentives are offered.

25. New release

When a new collection of apartments is released. Developers often sell units in phases.

26. 50% sold

The development is 50% sold.

27. Under offer

The building or units are under offer.

28. Sales suite launch

Launch of the sales/marketing suite. Often off the site.

29. Show home launch

Launch of a show home.

30. New transaction

An important transaction.

31. Fully pre-let

When a commercial development is fully let before completion

33. Site for sale

The development or building is for sale.

34. Site sold

A development or building is sold.

35. Grand opening

Grand opening of the development after completion.

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