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Local Mayfair estate agent Savills office at 36 North Audley Street 5.03.2022

For various painful reasons, London’s estate agents are struggling to get building stock and meet the needs of buyers and renters.

We ask estate agents if they have used every tool available to them to ensure that the property owner who wants to sell or rent reaches out to them and hands over the keys.

Leaflets and Boards

Boards and leaflets are highly effective at attracting the attention of landlords looking to rent or homeowners looking to sell. 

Unfortunately, agents must remove the board once they have completed the transaction. Some local authorities are fining real estate agents with unlicensed property placards up to £2,000!

Leaflets can effectively persuade a hesitant seller to contact a real estate agent, but they are a double-edged sword because most homeowners actively dislike being approached by junk mail.

Once the boards have been removed, and the leaflet has been recycled, agents are back to square one.

NALS Licensed Agent Wembley Estate Agents window on East Lane, Wembley HA0

Estate Agencies’ Window Displays

Despite the drop in footfall caused by COVID, the estate agent’s window display is a powerful tool! Passers-by considering relocating can quickly browse property prices and get an instant snapshot of what they’ll get for their money.

It also highlights the local agents’ expertise in obtaining instructions: nobody knows the buildings and communities better than your local estate agent, and people moving to a new area require all the help and support they can get. 

Agents have made their window displays more appealing with the introduction of high-quality digital screens, but their shop windows have limited space, and their 20 years of experience selling buildings in the neighbourhood will not fit! 

Even though there is a much-welcomed post-pandemic recovery in the air, the long-term trend is increased pressure on high-streets as consumers shift steadily to online shopping. 

As a result, estate agents are inevitably evolving their digital presence, competing for search terms on search engines, and attempting to capture online buyers and renters – often at the expense of receiving instructions for new properties.

Most estate agents understand that they must pay the market-leading property portals exorbitant fees to get new business.

But this does not have to be the case. 

The estate agent’s logo appears on the new development.

Evergreen Building Profiles and Micro Listings 

Buildington offers two combined products to sell and rent and attract new instructions to savvy agents who have embraced the digital age. 

With our Building Profiles and Micro Listings, agents can permanently place their logo on a building they’ve previously sold. 

As a result, long after you have removed the board from the building, your name will be associated with a successful sale on a specific property, attracting future instructions.

Our users are active buyers and renters, and real estate professionals and landlords who want detailed, accurate information and do their research before making a purchase or instructing an agent. 

When combined with our Micro Listings, we will direct purchasers and renters directly from search engines to your pages, doing all of the SEO legwork for you. 

Wembley Estate Agents on East Lane understand this North Wembley are better than anyone else.

Empower our Local Estate Agents

We believe that local estate agents are an essential part of the property industry and that internet sales portals that claim to “cut out the middleman” do landlords and renters, buyers and sellers a disservice. 

Our local estate agents work extremely hard and are experts in market cycles, valuations, and property market trends. Curiously, the fees charged by estate agents in the United Kingdom are minuscule compared to those set by American realtors or European estate agents, and the average homeowner in the UK moves half as much as their US counterparts. 

So our estate agents in the UK work extremely hard!

Because we come from an agency background, our goal is to empower local estate agents by driving traffic to them and enabling their sales without the need for the exorbitant fees that some property portals charge.

Get Started Right Now!

Buildington’s new development and building profiles rank very high in the top search engines and always include the agent’s name, even if you sold the building five years ago. As a result, we will be your evergreen placard.

This low-cost option requires only two clicks once you’ve signed up and costs less than a haircut. 

So give it a shot and watch your traffic and instructions increase.

Are you a local agent seeking repeat business from the buildings you have sold or rented in the past, and you know better than anyone?

Sign up here to create an evergreen company profile and display your logo on all of the buildings you’ve worked on.

Please note that all property prices in this article are subject to change. You should always contact the sales representative for the up to date information.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this page is up to date and correct, Buildington accepts no responsibility for any errors contained in the information, or if the information is not current.

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