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How to find new retail space to let

There are several reasons why you might prefer new retail space in a new development over an old existing space.

One reason is that new retail space is often more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. New developments are often built with energy-saving features such as low-energy lighting and insulation, which can help to reduce operating costs and make the space more sustainable.

New retail space is often designed with modern aesthetics and layout in mind, which can help to create a more attractive and welcoming atmosphere for customers.

New developments may also include amenities such as parking, access to public transportation, and nearby restaurants and entertainment options, which can make the space more appealing to both retailers and customers. 

Sizeable new residential-led developments will often be occupied by a demographic that might suit your needs best. 

To find new retail space to let on Buildington:

  1. Go to New Developments 
  2. Choose the building type Commercial or Mixed-Use and use class E
  3. Click See Results

Most mixed-use and commercial developments contain retail space on the ground level of the building.

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