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How to find new homes for sale

Buildington’s database of new developments contains new homes for sale in London, the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland.

Use the New Development search to filter out the projects that contain new homes for sale.

Here is what you should set in the search as a minimum:

  1. Go to New Developments 
  2. Choose the location and use class C3 (dwellinghouses)

Choose the minimum and/or maximum Residential Prices only if you wish to find new developments where the prices are available. Note that not all developments reveal the prices as they are subject to change, especially during construction.

You can specify other criteria to suit your needs:

Completion Date
Estimated development completion date, which can often get delayed, depending on the complexity and size of the project. 

Specify the number of floors in the building. Set a maximum if you’re afraid of heights or prefer a small building. If you wish to have a view, set this over 10 stories.

The size of the development is measured in square footage, which refers to the total area of the project. This is typically used to indicate the size of a building or group of buildings.

Search developments by the milestones reached. These will help you see how far along the development is, whether the construction has started or if the launch is imminent.