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How to find buildings

Are you looking for buildings in London or the United Kingdom? Buildington’s database of buildings comprises both residential and commercial completed projects.

  1. Go to Buildings
  2. Choose the preferred location, building type, year of completion, and many other criteria
  3. Click See Results

Buildington lists over 8,500 existing buildings, the majority of which are located in London. In 2022, the entire United Kingdom and Ireland were added to the database.

Listed Buildings

Some of the criteria here are specific to existing buildings only, such as Listed Status. These are the buildings that are considered to be of special architectural or historic interest. These buildings registered by English Heritage are known as “listed buildings” and are protected by law.

Tall Buildings & Skyscrapers

In London, tall buildings are generally defined as those that are over 20 stories or 70 meters (230 feet) in height.

On Buildington, you can set the minimum number of storeys to find the tall buildings.

There is no official definition of what constitutes a tall building in the city, and the definition can vary depending on the context and the purpose for which it is being used.

A skyscraper is generally a building that is over 150 meters (490 feet) in height. The tallest building in London is The Shard at 310 metres.

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