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Computer generated image of Alpha Square buildings

Computer generated image of Alpha Square buildings


Alpha Square

50 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP
Mixed use

Description of Alpha Square

Alpha Square is a mixed-use development at South Quay in Canary Wharf, London E14.

The site is located at 50 Marsh Wall, 63-69 and 68-70 Manilla Street.

2015 October - Planning application submitted for demolition of all buildings on site at 50 Marsh Wall, 63-69 and 68-70 Manilla Street to enable redevelopment to provide three buildings of 65 (217.5m AOD), 20 (79.63m AOD) and 34 (124.15m AOD) storeys above ground comprising 634 residential units (Class C3), 231 hotel rooms (Class C1), provision of ancillary amenity space, a new health centre (Class D1), a new school (Class D1), ground floor retail uses (Class A3), provision of a new landscaped piazza, public open space and vehicular access, car parking, cycle storage and plant. Retention of 74 Manilla Street as North Pole public house (Class A4). The application is accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment. Tower Hamlets ref no PA/15/02671/R

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