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6 Buckingham Gate


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6 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6JP


6 Buckingham Gate is a building across the road from Buckingham Gate, London SW1.

2013 - Three office buildings at 6-9 Buckingham Gate were turned into four apartments and one luxury house in 2013. As part of the works, the rear of the properties were demolished and rebuilt into a uniform facade to create more internal usable space.

While working within an area of such importance, special consideration has been made for the neighbours in terms of reducing sound and vibration levels and security and external appearance. A living wall hoarding in the form of plants has been installed to mask the construction work. These are irrigated and fed by automatic system linked to a remote monitoring station.

To manage the structural complexities of the works, the project itself was divided in two distinct areas; above and below ground. For the above ground works, the entire project has been covered with temporary support systems cantilevered through the top floor, allowing completion of the roof works and the construction of new roof plant rooms. Below ground, perimeter and internal piles has been installed to support the main structural walls of the existing buildings and to allow the excavation of the existing basement. New basements, a swimming pool and car stacker will then be formed using a top down construction method.

At the same time, the project included creating new structural openings internally, constructing cores, new lift shafts and new staircases. The entire internal timber floor was levelled and strengthened to accommodate the revised layouts.

With a development of such calibre, high end finishes such as natural stone flooring, a glass extension with glass floor incorporating a 'blink' LCD flooring, bespoke kitchens, under floor heating and the latest home automated systems were incorporated, whilst period features are replicated throughout.

Source: Chorus Group www.chorusgroup.co.uk

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Victoria Underground StationCircle, District, Victoria
Buckingham Palace


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