4-5 Buckingham Gate

Westminster SW1E

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4-5 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6JP
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4-5 Buckingham Gate is a hotel development in London SW1.

The Grade II listed stuccoed house was built as part of a terrace at 4-6 Buckingham Gate by Sir James Pennethorne around 1850-55.

2018 July - Planning application submitted for:
Demolition behind the retained front and side facades on Buckingham Gate and redevelopment to provide a hotel (Class C1) comprising of 53 rooms and ancillary services. Excavation to provide a single-storey basement and pool. External alterations for the provision of a new off-street loading area to the rear, raising of boundary garden wall to the rear, alterations to windows and provision of mechanical plant at roof level and a pavilion at roof level. Provision of a terrace at rear second floor level within recessed part of the building and a terrace at roof level fronting Buckingham Gate. Westminster Council ref. no 18/06103/FULL.

2015 - Planning permission granted for:
Demolition behind retained front and side facades on Buckingham Gate and redevelopment to provide eleven residential flats including excavation to provide additional basement and sub-basement levels. External alterations including alterations to windows, installation of plant equipment at roof level to provide additional residential accommodation and creation of terraces on Stafford Place frontage at rear second, third and fifth floor level together with vehicular crossover from Stafford Way and associated highway works. 15/05134/FULL.

1. Westminster Council website westminster.gov.uk

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Victoria Underground StationCircle, District, Victoria
Buckingham Palace




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