New property development launch events in London 2018.

January 2018
27.01 Forbury SE13 – launch
27.01 Excalibur SE6 – launch

February 2018
01.02 Kensal Rise W10 – Show home launch
10.02 Venue SE20 – launch
10.02 The Corniche SE1 – New Show home launch
10.02 Phoenix E14 – Help to Buy event
10.-11.02 Fish Island Village E3 – Help to Buy event
15.02 XY Air N1 – show apartment launch
17.02 Brook House N17 – launch
17.02 Carlton House SW15 – launch
21.,22.,24.02 Chelsea Barracks SW3 – Phase 6B Exhibition
23.-25.02 Jessica House SW18 – launch
23.02 Embassy Gardens SW8 – Embassy Gardens American Party
24.02 399 NW9 – townhouses’ launch
24.02 Phoenix E14 – show apartment launch

March 2018
1.03 One Crown Place EC2 – South Tower launch
1.03 Manhattan Plaza E14 – Exclusive penthouse launch
3.03 Goodluck Hope E14 – Spring release
7.03 Ebury Place SW1 – Show apartment launch
8.03 Quebec Quarter SE16 – Help to Buy event
8.03 London Square Spitalfields E1 – show home launch
8.03 Barts Square EC1 – Final phase launch
10.03 XY Air N1 – Help to Buy brunch
10.03 The West Works UB2 – Chantry House launch 10.03 Walthamstow Gateway E17 – launch 10.03 The Assembly TW3 – launch 10.03 Royal Arsenal Riverside SE18 – First Time Buyer event 10.03 London Lane E8 – New show home opening 10.03 Precision SE10 – new release 10.03 London Square Streatham Hill SW2 – The Terrace Collection launch 15.03 Acton Square W3 – pre-release 17.03 Upper Riverside SE10 – No. 3 by Studio Ashby launch 17.-18.03 Fulham Reach W6 – Fairfax House launch 17.-18.03 Remix Helix NW10 – Remix launch 22.03 Bow Gardens Square E3 – launch 24.03 The Claves NW7 – penthouse collection launch 24.03 Acton Square W3 – launch March New Union Wharf E14 – launch April 2018 5.04 The Silk District E1 – launch 5.04 Paddington Gardens W2 – Strutt & Parker launch 7.04 London Dock E1 – Cashmere Wharf launch 7.-8.04 West End Gate W2 – Garrett Mansions launch 9.04 One Park Drive E14 – Sky Lofts launch 14.04 Vista SW8 – West View Apartments, Shared Ownership launch by Peabody 14.-15.04 9 Millbank SW1 – launch 19.04 The Stack E9 – show apartment launch 21.04 The Staging Post TW3 – launch 21.04 Bagel Factory E9 – launch 21.04 Boat Race House SW14 – launch 21.04 Old Town Hall W3 – launch 21.04 London Lane E8 – launch 21.-22.04 VIDA W3 – showhomes’ launch 25.04 South Quay Plaza E14 – new release 26.04 Manhattan Plaza E14 – Help to Buy event 27.04.-28.04 Macpherson Apartments E2 – launch 28.04 High Street Quarter TW3 – launch 28.04 St. Ann’s Place N15 – launch 28.04 The Essex Brewery E17 – launch April Copper Works E17 – launch May 2018 3.05 Douro Place E3 – launch 5.05 Endeavour E4 – show home launch 9.05 The Stack E9 – show apartment launch 10.05 The oTTo E5 – early release 10.05 The Fortis Collection N2 – launch 11.05 Coda Avanton Battersea SW11 – launch 12.05 Mapleton Crescent SW18 – show home launch 12.05 Television Centre W12 – event 12.05 Kensington Row W14 – The Kensington Collection launch 12.05 Acton Gardens W3 – penthouse preview event 12.05 Portrait Two SE13 – Help to Buy event 12.-13.05 HKR Hoxton N1 – launch 18.-20.05 Coda SW11 – Hong Kong Exhibition 18.05 King’s Holt Terrace W10 – launch 19.05 Hornsey Town Hall N8 – launch 19.05 Centralis SE13 – launch 19.05 The Broadway NW2 – launch 19.05 Legacy Wharf E15 – launch 26.05 Dalmeny Avenue N7 – launch (off-site) 26.05-27.05 Venue SE26 – Help to Buy weekend June 2018

Date Development Postcode Type
2.06 Blackwall Reach E14 Show apartment and marketing suite launch
2.06 Bishops Gate SW6 Shared Ownership apartments’ launch
2.06 Venue SE26 Show apartment launch
2.-3.06 Manhattan Plaza E14 Stamp Duty Weekend
2.06 401 Streatham High Road SW16 Launch
9.06 Manor Wood Gate EN4 Show home launch
9.06 Mews Court SE13 Launch
9.06 The West Works UB2 Marketing suite and show apartment launch
9.06 High Street Quarter TW3 Exclusive investor event
9.06 Totteridge Place N20 Ask The Expert Event
9.-10.06 Apt Gunnersbury Park TW Launch
9.-10.06 Bow Garden Square E3 First Time Buyer Weekend (off-site)
16.06 Grove Place SE9 Help to Buy event
16.-17.06 The Essex Brewery E17 Help to Buy Weekend
19.06 Chelsea Waterfront SW10 First launch of the Tower West building
20.06 Fulham Riverside SW6 Show Home launch
22.06 Royal Docks West E16 Show Home launch
23.06 Vista SW8 West View Shared Onwership viewing with Peabody
29.06 Liberty Building E14 New collection launch
30.06 New Pier Wharf SE16 New Release and Sales Suite launch
30.06 Arklow Road SE14 Help to Buy event
30.06-1.07 Dylon Works SE14 Help to Buy weekend

July 2018

Date Development Postcode Type
4.07 Shoreditch Exchange E2 Show Home and Sales Suite launch
5.07 Noma SW1 Marketing Suite and Show Home launch
5.07 Dash Hoxton N1 Launch
7.07 Vista SW8 West View Shared Ownership viewing with Peabody
7.-8.07 The Essex Brewery E17 Help to Buy weekend
7.-8.07 Upton Gardens E13 Help to Buy open days
7.-8.07 Lawrie Park Place SE26 Strawberries & Cream launch
12.07 Moy’s NW1 Completion event
14.07 The Omnium N1 Launch
14.07 Ternary Place W5 Shared Ownership launch
16.07 The Villas SW13 Show home launch
19.07 Baltimore Tower E14 Launch of the penthouses
19.07 Hope House SW1 Launch
21.07 Dash Hoxton N1 Marketing Suite opening

August 2018

Date Development Postcode Type
4.08 White + Green E1 Launch
4.08 Trinity Square NW9 Launch of the final phase – Pascal Square
18.-19.08 Venue SE20 Help to Buy weekend
23.08 The Featherstone EC1 Drinks and canapes

September 2018  

Date Development Postcode Type
1.09 Rosebay House N12 Open Day
1.09 Clarendon N8 Phase 1 launch
6.09 St Clements E3 Clock Tower Launch
8.09 Ealing Hill W7 Siskin Place launch
8.09 Richmond Chase TW10 Part Exchange event
8.09 Filmworks W5 New release
8.09 Goodluck Hope E14 Douglass Tower launch
8.09 The Broadway NW2 Show home launch
8.09 706 High Road N12 Launch
8.-9.09 Atlas EC1 Hong Kong Exhibition
8.-9.09 King’s Holt Terrace W10 Assisted Move Weekend
8.-9.09 Westgate House W5 Highlife Collection launch
12.09 Postmark EC1 Launch
13.09 Aberfeldy Village E14 New phase launch
13.09 New Avenue N14 Pre-Launch
15.09 Ridgeway Views NW7 Launch
15.09 Acton Gardens W3 One-bed Sales Event
15.09 The West Works UB2 Official launch
15.09 Hornsey Town Hall N8 Official launch
15.09 Deptford Foundry SE14 Molten Court Help to Buy launch
15.09 Totteridge Place N20 The Hawksmoor apt unveiling
15.09 White City Living W12 Garden View Collection launch
15.09 Dalmeny Avenue N7 Showhome launch
15.09 London Square Bermondsey SE1 Launch
15.09 The Tramyard SW17 Launch
15.09 New Stratford Works E15 Launch
19.09 St Martin’s Walk NW5 Help to Buy and Stamp Duty savings event
20.09 Liberty Building E14 Show home launch
22.09 Bond house SE14 New collection launch
22.09 The Old Town Hall W3 Shared Ownership launch
22.09 Forbury SE13 Show home launch
22.09 Greenwich Square SE10 Phase 2 Launch
22.09 London Home Show SW1 First time buyer event
22.09 Maritime SE10 Launch
22.-23.09 IconBlu TW8 Launch
26.-27.09 Gallions Point E16 Launch
27.09 Lime Quarter E3 Launch
29.09 Wharf Road N1 Launch
29.09 Telegraph Works SE10 Launch
29.09 399 NW9 NW9 Townhouse show home launch
29.09 Trent Park EN4 Launch
29.09 The Gallery SE5 Sales Event
29.-30.09 Elements EN4 Launch
29.-30.09 Old Town Hall W3 Open Weekend
09.2018 Spurhouse E8 Launch
29.09 Brixton Centric SW2 The Volt Shared Ownership Launch


Date Development Postcode Type
3.10 Icon7 N7 Launch
4.10 Pinks Mews EC1 Launch party
6.10 Wharf Road N1 Shared Ownership launch
6.10 Abbey Road Cross NW6 Launch
6.10 The Levers SE17 Launch
6.10 The Park W5 Show home launch
6.-7.10 New Avenue N14 Help to Buy launch
6.-7.10 Bow Garden Square E3 Show home launch
11.10 The oTTo E5 Show apartment launch
10.-13.10 Foxtons Help to buy Event London Help to Buy event – 60 developments
13.10 Carlton House SW15 Show Home Launch
13.10 Manor Place Depot SE17 Launch
13.10 Habitō London TW3 Launch
13.-14.10 Barratt London London Help to Buy open days – various locations
18.10 Elmington Green SE5 Help to Buy event
18.10 Aberfeldy Village E14 Help to Buy launch
18.10 Lansbury Square E14 Help to Buy event
18.10 Bourne EC1 Help to Buy launch
18.10 Phoenix E14 Show apartment preview
20.10 Upton Gardens E13 Shared Ownership launch
20.10 Goodmans Fields E1 Pimento Shared Ownership sales event
20.10 Colindale Gardens NW9 Show apartment launch
20.10 BEAT NW10 NW10 Private sale launch
25.10 Dalston Lane Terrace E8 Completion event
27.10 Aviator Place W3 Shared Ownership launch
27.10 Wing SE5 The Loft Collection launch
27.-28.10 Royal Albert Wharf E16 Open Weekend
27.-28.10 Bollo Lane W4 Affordable homes launch
27.-28.10 The Claves NW7 Show apartment launch
Autumn 2018 Battersea Reach SW8 Affordable Homes Launch

November 2018

Date Development Postcode Type
3 Nov Nest E10 Sales event
3 Nov Altitude N8 Launch
3-4 Nov Manhattan Plaza E14 Help to Buy event
3-4 Nov Venue SE20 Help to Buy event
7 Nov Television Centre W12 Architects’ Series launch
10 Nov The Levers SE17 Launch by Hastings International
10 Nov Viewpoint SW11 Showhome launch
10 Nov The West Works UB2 Help to Buy event
10 Nov Aviator Place W3 Private sales launch
10 Nov Bond House SE14 Show apartment launch
10-11 Nov Feature17 E17 Help to Buy weekend
17-18 Nov White & Green E1 First-time Buyers Event
21 Nov Carlton House SW15 Interiors Evening
24 Nov West End Gate W2 New release launch
24 Nov Wing SE5 The Loft Collection viewing
23-25 Nov Legacy Wharf E15 Black Friday Bonanza by Bellway
24-25 Nov Bow Corner E3 Pop-up Show Home
24-25 Nov New Union Wharf E14 Special incentive weekend
27 Nov Landmark Place EC3 Open house
29 Nov Bow Garden Square E3 Crafty Christmas event
30 Nov London Square Spitalfields E1 Craft Beer Tasting and Show Home Viewing
Nov 2018 170 Sumner Road SE15 Launch

December 2018

DateDevelopmentWhat’s Happening?Find out more
1 Dec
Hendon Waterside NW9
Show apartment launch
See more
4 Dec
Walthamstow Gateway E17
Help to Buy event
See more
6 Dec
Liberty Building E14
Deposit match event
See more
8 Dec
Barratt’s Developments
Open Day in various locations
See more
12 Dec
The West Works UB2
Christmas Celebrations
See more

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